The New iPhone May Not Get Type-C USB

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If you know Apple, you’d probably agree that it is one the most innovative brands out there. However, they really love to take their time with those innovations and that often results in their devices getting outdated pretty quickly. The same may be the case for the next iPhone models that are to come this year.

Rumor has it that the 2019 Apple iPhone models will retain their Lightning ports instead of being upgraded to USB-C, unlike the 2019 iPad Pro. The source is a blog called Macotakara. Most of its previous rumors regarding Apple products have been true including the adoption of USB-C by the latest iPad.

It is believed that the people running Macotakara have connections with the accessory makers of Apple products. Their blog states that the 5W charger along with the Lightning cable that comes as standard are cheaper to produce. Furthermore, if Apple decides to give the next iPhone USB-C, there would be consequences.

Image: Quora

The consequences include producing completely new EarPods that support USB-C instead of Lightning, as Apple has long abandoned the 3.5mm headphone jack. Other than that, it would also translate to Apple providing a new USB-C cable along with an 18W adapter as standard, which just seems to add the cost.

Apple also seems to be maximizing its profits by selling the 18W Adapter and the USB-C to Lightning cable separately for $29.0 and $19.0 respectively. The latest iPhones also come with Wireless Charging capabilities. However, the cheapest wireless charger you can buy from Apple costs $39.95. Naturally, as you may have guessed, the iPhone doesn’t come with a wireless charger.

Image: Cnet

Out of the box, the current iPhones come with a bare minimum of accessories, to begin with. You get EarBuds with Lightning connectivity, a Lightning to USB cable and a measly 5W USB charger. That’s it. On the other hand, the OnePlus 6T, which costs $200 cheaper than the iPhone XR, comes standard with a 20W Dash Charger.

What we know now is that Apple, being Apple, will surely try to maximize their profits by the classic procedure of charging more for less. However, that does not mean, it will stop innovating or won’t add modern features to their phones. Macotakara may have been accurate in the past but what they’ve given us is a mere rumor. The best we can do now is hope it isn’t true till an official announcement.

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