The new Apple Airpods Pro have turned into a meme before they’re even out

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Apple just dropped its new noise cancelling wireless earbuds called the Airpods Pro out of nowhere. The new $249 Airpods Pro offer some decent upgrades over the original Airpods. People are not exactly pleased about the way they look though. So, in classic internet fashion, the new premium earbuds from Apple have already been turned into a meme.

While we did have a couple of leaks here and there alluding to the fact that the Airpods Pro were on their way, no one was expecting Apple to just launch them without any event. However, the good news here is that they fix the biggest issue most people had with the original Airpods, noise cancelling.

Adding that extra rubber extension for noise cancelling though has made them look really weird though and people have already started making hilarious comparisons.

Airpods Pro meme

The new Airpods Pro look weird

While the overall design language is very similar to the original Airpods, they seem to have gained weight. Obviously, that bigger body is probably needed for the better internals but still, with that extra rubber bit at the end, they look like a confused creature with a big open mouth.

People are having a laugh on Twitter as the Airpods Pro do look very familiar and resemble a lot of things. Here are some of the best comparisons and reactions:

Honestly though, the resemblance is uncanny. Apple should seriously add a new feature to the Airpods Pro that makes them shoot peas at zombies.

The hairdryer comparisons were inevitable. We do hope that they don’t get as hot though or you might get permanent noise cancellation.

Remember that yellow grass Pokemon called Bellsprout? The Airpods Pro look so much like it that it is not even funny. However, Bellsprout probably still has the upper hand when it comes to some slick moves on the dance floor.

For some reason, the new case for the Apple Airpods Pro is also weirdly short. Apple probably has a good reason for the change but it just looks like someone accidentally sat on the regular Airpods case.

People with regular Airpods are not happy

Apart from the memes, some people are also genuinely displeased about the new Airpods Pro. According to them, everyone who just bought the regular Airpods should have been warned that a newer and better version was on the way. However, that is pretty unreasonable as new products come out all the time and if you just bought a regular pair of Airpods, that’s just tough luck.

On the other side of the spectrum though, people are rejoicing as Airpods owners being superior and flexing in the normies meme is about to make a comeback as well. The new Airpods Pro will have noise cancelling and so, the people who are trying to flex on those without Airpods can do that even harder as they don’t have to listen to the broke outside world anymore. Also, these will give real meaning to the ‘oh no he can’t hear us, he has airpods in his ears’ meme.

Another worry with the new Airpods Pro is that the rubber tips could go yellow over time. It would have been really cool to see a matte black variant for the new earbuds.

The $249 Apple Airpods Pro are now available for pre-order at Apple Store and will release on October 30, 2019.

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