The Man Who Was Jailed for Having Sex without Asking for Police Permission

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Serial sex offender Geoffrey Ball, 45, was banned by the authorities for conducting in sexual acts with anyone, unless with permission from the police first.

Ball however ended up having a one night stand with some random woman he had met at a pub, which earned him a prison sentence of 16 months for not asking the police for permission first.

The ban to Ball’s sex life came as he had received in what is known as a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, which serves as a legal restriction that seems rather harsh, but has been regarded as completely necessary nonetheless.

Violating a Human Need

Ball was said to have been acquainted with the 50 year old female stranger at the Yates pub where he conversed with both her and her daughter.

Afterwards, Ball went to the woman’s house situated in Middlesbrough where he proceed to engage in sexual acts with her.

This act alone served as a violation of the legal restriction that had been imposed on him.

Ball’s attorney had stated that Ball completely accepted the fact that he may not even pretend to be a regular person on such matters as a result of the sexual restriction enforced onto him.

A Sexual Burden

The case for Ball is similar to that of another man by the name of John O’Neill, 45, who was forced to tell the police in advance by at least 24 hours whenever he decided or planned on indulging in a sexual act with any woman.

The difference here between O’Neill and Ball was that Ball has a history of sex offenses and he was told that he has to keep a distance with women.

However, he may come in close contact with women if he notifies the supervising officer beforehand.

In the past Ball has also held a record of violating several court orders that were imposed on him in an attempt to safeguard women.

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