The Lenovo Ideapad 720S Laptop: Nvidia GPU, Dolby infused sound system, High quality sRGB spectrum display

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The Lenovo’s Ideapad series is one of the most successful notebook series which offers all the impressive features, design and specs at a very affordable price range. The company’s latest installment in this series is their all new Lenovo Ideapad 720S which comes with some top of the line specs and a dedicated Nvidia GPU.

This Laptop is perfect for those who want to perform their day to day task and is also lightweight so that you can easily take it with you to the work in your backpack. We were able to get our hands on this laptop and here is all you need to know about this device:

• Design:

First, let’s start with the design of the device. It has a premium looking all metal luxe design with a brushed finish which is the first thing you will notice straight out of the box. The notebook is very slim and light weight with dimensions of 320.7 x 222.8 x 15.9mm and weighs in at 1.55kg.

While it is thin it does not compromise on ports and connectivity, it has two dual USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, a headphone jack, SD Card reader and Thunderbolt 3 port.

The bezels around the display are really slim providing you a bit of immersive experience. Overall it is a really great and premium looking laptop.

• Display:

The display is one of the best things about this laptop. It is a 14 inch 1080p IPS panel which offers really great image quality and color reproduction. The viewing angles are excellent. There is a great range of hue and saturation as it produces 105 percent of the sRGB spectrum.

Image Laptop Mag

Watching videos and TV shows on this notebook is a really pleasing experience. The display also gets fairly bright up to 300 nits.

• Keyboard And Trackpad:

The typing experience on the Ideapad 720S is really comfortable with its backlit keyboard. The key travel is also pretty decent. The only down side of the keyboard is the weirdly placed power button which is near the backspace and the delete key that might result in accidental press down, however, this will not power off the laptop immediately it will prompt a message first.

Image by Laptop Mag

Now let’s talk about the trackpad, you are provided with a 4.1 x 2.6-inch surface area to interact. It supports all the latest Windows 10 gestures. The only thing that it lacks is the etched glass surface, instead, it is an aluminum surface but overall the trackpad is precise and accurate.

• Hardware And Performance:

The laptop is powered by the Intel Core i5-7200U CPU paired up with 8 Gigabytes of Ram and 256 Gigabytes of SSD storage. You can also opt for the slightly more powerful Core i7-7500U CPU which will cost you a £100 more.

There is a dedicated Nvidia GT 940MX GDDR5 GPU which really improves the performance and benchmark scores. It will allow you to play some light titles like Counter Strike Global Offense and Dirt 3.

The laptop performs really great and you would not be able to notice any lags even while multitasking or using it in split screen. The cooling system is also impressively quiet, the CPU does throttle back to 2.5 GHz under heavy load but it is maintained unobtrusively by the fan

• Audio:

The JBL engineered, Dolby infused sound system on the Ideapad 720s gets fairly loud and the audio quality remains crisp and clear even at max volume though it lacks a bit of bass profile. The audio settings app also includes a Dolby Audio preset which cranks up the sound and helps clarify the audio a little.

• Battery Life:

The battery of the Ideapad 720S is claimed by Lenovo to last up to 14 hours but that does not seem to be true unless you are running very low power consuming tasks at the minimum brightness. The laptop lasted 8 hours on the Laptop Mag Battery Test which continuously surfs the internet at a fixed level of brightness.

However, in our test in which we surfed the internet watch some videos on YouTube at 80% brightness the laptop lasted for 10 hours which is close to what the other high-end laptops offer.

• Webcam:

The 720p 0.9 megapixel webcam produces really grainy images but is fairly serviceable for casual video conferencing. The colors in the images seem to be washed out but what can you expect from a laptop that offers so much at this price point.

• Final Verdict:

Overall this is an ideal laptop which offers really impressive features and a premium design. It offers great performance without breaking your bank. The key feature is that you get a dedicated GPU which makes this laptop perfect for both work and play. So if you’re looking for a laptop under $1000 make sure to check out the Lenovo Ideapad 720S. Tell us what you think about it in the comment section below.

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