The Kibo Code Ecommerce Program claims to help you earn over $75k a day

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In case anyone intends to make a successful e-commerce website but have no idea where to start then there’s good news for them. A program made specifically to guide them and provide them with the necessary tools has arrived. It’s called the Kibo Code and it can help anyone make over $75,000 a day!

If all that information is a bit overwhelming, here’s a little background on the Kibo Code. Made by two successful online entrepreneurs, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, it is an online program that anyone can subscribe to in order to get the guidance they need for an e-commerce website. A guide that’s supposedly different from everything else that’s out there and will help a person set themself and their business apart.


At this point, however, one may ask themself if they really need something like this. Or that is it wise to pay for something to make millions? Well, if these questions were asked 10 years ago, I’d probably say no. However, the present is different. The internet has come a long way to the point where it’s saturated with e-commerce websites. Some brands have already established themselves to the point where they’ve gained the trust of the general public.

Even if someone does start and maintain their website, there’s no way they can get ahead of the already established brands. If someone is ambitious and aims to make millions, even billions, they need a different strategy. Something that others haven’t done before. Something that’ll minimize their expense and maximize their profits. That’s where the Kibo Code is supposed to come and guide them.

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So what’s in this Kibo Code program? Well, there’s a lot of stuff that comes with the subscription to this program. To start with, there are a couple of video tutorials that guide in choosing a domain name, setting up the online store and even finding good products for the store. Next, comes a tool for the theme for the website so that it’s intuitive and looks professional.


Up next, comes yet another tool, this time for upselling. For those who don’t know, upselling what e-commerce websites do that involves suggesting customers to buy similar products to what they’ve already bought. It’s simple but can prove to be useful in an online business like this. The tool of choice happens to be one of Shopify’s apps, which are considered to be the best in business.

Lastly, and most importantly, there comes a database containing all trusted suppliers according to Aidan and Steve. Good suppliers are essential for any store as they provide reliable products at low prices. Do keep in mind both these things are important for anyone to make their name and money.  If the products one sells are reliable, more people will prefer buying from them and if they’re getting their goods at a low price then they can make a larger profit.

Apart from that, the Kibo Code encourages all its subscribers to use something called Dropshipping for their online business that involves not keeping a physical inventory for the products they sell. They are supposed to be shipped directly from the supplier to the customer with the owner acting as the middle man. This keeps costs low and that, if anyone knows a thing or two about businesses, is essential for maximizing the profits that are made from selling each product.


In fact, everything that’s available with the Kibo Code is supposedly based on Aidan and Steve’s own experiences in running successful online businesses. Using the very techniques, tools, and even suppliers that they recommend, they have been successful in their own ventures. So successful that, at one point, they made $76k a day and $1 million in a month. For reference, with that month’s earnings, they both could’ve bought a McLaren GT each with over $500k to spare.

All of this seems great. Even if someone wasn’t interested, they might be considering getting into this program and starting their business. Well, hold your horses. Every good thing comes at a price and the Kibo Code is no exception. The whole program, including everything we’ve talked about, will cost $3,497. That is just the cost of the program, other costs of actually setting up the business are independent of this and will probably range from $500-$1000.

That’s a lot of money for just a program that’s supposed to give merely guidance It even costs more than the initial cost of the business. But is it worth it? Well, that actually depends if one can afford it or, more importantly, if they really need it. To actually know if they’re in the need of the Kibo Code, a person needs to fully understand what’s inside the Kibo Code. To do that, read our full review of the program. It will surely help anyone with making an important decision for their future online business.


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