The highest number of tech jobs for women is in Washington DC followed by Kansas City

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We all know that when it comes to wages, it has been empirically proven that women’s wages aren’t usually equal to it if not more than their men counterparts. This has been especially true in the technology industry where men are preferred over women. Though, maybe the much-awaited change is to come now.

If you are a woman and want a tech job, then your best bet is Kansas City or Washington DC for sure. This is because as per a study by smartasset, Kansas City ranks second in terms of tech jobs for women. The first one on the list is Washington DC, which has been winning the top spot for 4 years alongside Kansas City just below the capital.

The case is so strong for women there in Kansas that their reported earnings in the tech industry are even ahead of men by two percent.

According to Sarah Byrd, the happenings of the neighbourhood mean a lot that is if you happen to live in a neighbourhood. She is keen on Kansas City realizing its importance, and that the job numbers for women in the tech industry would continue to increase there. For this, the management of Kansas City would have to utilize the Kansas City’s growth rate as well.

According to her, she is like a “Data Wrangler” working for a tech company known by the name of mySidewalk. By helping local governments gather and use data, she means to make it more understandable for the citizens.

For instance, for the Kansas City, Kan.’s blighted buildings program, she recently helped in gathering informational graphs and visuals. Her company also proved useful in a way that it helped the local authority analyze citizen’s satisfaction patterns.

“You can find some really interesting things and interesting correlations, and learn what levers you can pull to make a really positive impact on your community,” Byrd said.

All of us understand the situation Kansas City is in with its ongoing boom in tech jobs especially for women and we hope it keeps that way for the tech industry especially. Byrd laughingly said, “I like that world.”

Rather surprisingly the male to female ration at her company, mySidewalk is nearly one to one. More often, there are more men employed in firms rather than women, but this is not the case here. It helps them diversify with their own viewpoints not only at their respective workplaces but also when dealing with clients.

“It seems that men tend to ask for more upfront or are comfortable making those asks, and even looking at your hiring process, how are you setting up pay scale so that you’re grading that off of what that person is bringing to the business?” VP of Talent Adriana Choquette-Hoffart said.

“I think things are slowly starting to change culturally,” Byrd said. “I think that helps a lot at that younger age before the cultural stereotype of math not being cool or science not being cool, so getting them in there early.”

Tech jobs have increased substantially from 2013 to 2016 by more than 16 percent. If there are more jobs available in the industry and more female-oriented ones, we are sure, Kansas City would live up to its legacy and set an example for others to follow.

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