The First Flexible Display By Samsung Has Taken Over The Electronic Industry

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After waiting for so long, finally Samsung is show-casing its first flexible display technology this week.

The annual Display Week Event has begun in California and like every year all the chief manufacturers from all over the world are displaying their latest inventions.

Samsung has claimed to introduce world’s ‘First Stretchable OLED’ at the conference. This latest invention of Samsung is the most advanced and flexible display in the history of electronic world.

The 9.1 inches display called as First Stretchable OLED which can bend in both the directions, seems to be quite startling as this is the first time when the world will experience such kind of technology.

Samsung will showcase this display on Tuesday; the 9.1 inch display has the tendency to bend up to 12mm in both the directions without affecting the resolution.

Although the bend is not protuberant much but since it has never been done before, this new technology has left the whole world in trance. Samsung is still working over the technology and we can hope in future this technology will develop more and will dominate over the electronic market.

According to the Samsung Display representatives, “While current flexible OLED is able to be transformed in only one side, this stretchable OLED can be transformed — whether curved, bended or rolled – in both sides.”

This new technology brought by Samsung will turn out to be a startling invention as stretchable OLED will make the user-experience more enjoyable and astounding.

The South Korean manufacturers of electronics expect that this stretchable display technology will ultimately take up by Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Automobile as well as Wearable industry.

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