E3 2017

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017

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Popularly known as E3, this year was the 23rd Electronic Entertainment Expo during which new and upcoming video game software, as well as hardware, was unveiled by developers. The video game industry presented a great show for all and sundry interested in the mega event. This was the first event of its kind to allow open access to the general public. Almost 68,400 people attended the event making it a huge success. Los Angeles convention center was the venue where this event took place.

The moment you entered the venue, you could see people on game consoles or otherwise enjoying the wide variety of developers showcasing their new products, software, and hardware. Everywhere you went, you could see excited faces peering over monitors and game consoles chatting away animatedly. If you missed the event and could not visit this year, be sure to mark it as your New Year resolution for 2018. The event is huge, there is so much energy in the air. It is a game lover’s heaven! Notable during the whole event were Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

Although this year, the event was mostly devoted to software and hardware received little focus, still, Microsoft and Nintendo managed to grab attention with the Xbox One X and Switch respectively. Microsoft confirmed the release of Xbox One X in November this year.

We noticed a notable trend at this year’s E3 and that is virtual reality-based games! Yes, it was quite evident and the event affirmed people’s growing interest in this side of the gaming industry. In the years to come, this trend will grow further. Sony unveiled its virtual reality games during the event. All the latest games from many other developers were either launched at the event or announced to be unveiled later this year.

For those who weren’t there, let us sum up the best games of the event for you here. The 3 games we liked best from this year’s E3 were:

  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Forza Motorsport 7
  • Anthem

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

Mario Odyssey’s is a game worth waiting for. Releasing on October 27, this game drew large crowds and won hearts when it was showcased. It was a huge success and by far the best game so far. It has all the qualities of becoming the game of the year for 2017. Nintendo really blew the crowd off and has people impatiently waiting for its release.

Mario is as usual seen being his charming self, jumping and running around with the addition of a new friend named ‘Cappy’. The game is set in a lot of new environments including one called ‘new donk city’. That one was particularly amusing. The trailer is very promising and exciting. This is one of those games people can’t wait to get their hands on and is awaited with baited breath. We will look forward to its release date with our fingers crossed. Look out, this one is going to be an instant hit and a classic.

Forza Motorsport 7

Forza Motorsport 7

This game will run on Xbox One X as well as Windows PC but it is the Xbox One X we can’t wait for to play this game on. The Xbox One X will be released the same day as this game and it will be a treat for anyone who loves racing games and automobiles.

This game includes 30 racing environments and more than 700 cars. This is the largest collection of cars in a game and already has gamers on the edge of their seats! Many years of race history have been researched and used to develop this game’s options and customizations. It offers a wide variety of driving terrains, changing weather conditions and a massive race gear collection. The trailer is literally a treat for every automobile enthusiast’s eyes.

Get ready for a splendid experience with this year’s epic racing game!



BioWare’s latest game Anthem is an instant attention grabber, and it sure had us glued to its trailer. BioWare is the studio behind ‘Mass Effect’ and the game can run on the Xbox One X.

The game is an amalgamation of action, RPG, science fiction, and takes the player through a strange world of aliens and weird creatures residing in a strange jungle full of surprises. You cannot anticipate what you will face and that keeps the thrill alive.

The game revolves around a group of people who guard a walled city where humans live. This group of fighters is called the ‘freelancers’, they keep the city safe from the unknown world outside, wear suits called ‘javelins’ when they go beyond the wall into the jungle and scout the area. The armored suits give the group super-human capabilities. The player is given a mission called Hell or High Water and along with a group of other fighters, the player has to go through the jungle outside the wall. The suit allows the player to fly, run faster than usual and is equipped with ammunition.

All in all, Anthem seems like it would delight a lot of different audiences. The sci-fi junkies, the fight lovers, the thrill seekers, the next-gen tech enthusiasts and the adventurous souls. With its ultra-high-definition 4K resolution and HDR lighting, it is going to be well worth the wait.

Surprises, Announcements, Major Events

What came as no surprise at this year’s E3 was Rabbids and Mario getting together in ‘Kingdom Battle’. Speculations were ripe regarding the joint venture even before E3 started this year. But what did surprise us and everyone else present at the E3 was how amazing this game turned out when it was unveiled. This could very well be the runner-up to Super Mario Odyssey! Keep your fingers crossed for this one.

Microsoft, Ubisoft, Sony, Bethesda, and Nintendo had major announcements to make. Microsoft announced the release of the Xbox One X for which 42 games have been announced so far. These include Forza Motorsport 7, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Minecraft 4K, Dragonball Fighter Z, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, and Anthem.

Sony put up quite an impressive show and featured many game trailers. Some of them include God of War gameplay trailer, Shadow of the Colossus, Call of Duty WWII, Monster of the Deep (Final Fantasy), and Spider-Man gameplay trailer among a list of other games.

Nintendo put up the best show this year at the E3. Super Mario Odyssey won people over and was a big hit. But that is not all. Nintendo’s Switch was another feather in its cap along with many other game announcements. Some of these are Metroid coming to 3DS, Pokemon RPG for Switch being developed by Game Freak, and New Yoshi game among others.

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