The Division 2 Low FPS Fix

The Division 2 gets massive discount ahead of potential shift to free-to-play

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The Division 2 has been out for almost a year now and while the reception from the critics wasn’t half-bad, the game has struggled to maintain a footing in the looter shooter market. Initially, The Division 2 was riddled with bugs and glitches causing crashes and restarts which made the game completely unplayable at times. In addition to that, most of the end game content was just not engaging enough for players.

However, the game still has tons of potential with Ubisoft nailing down the landing with core game mechanics. There isn’t any inherent problem with The Division 2 and it was rather unfortunate that the game lost appeal after a while. Despite the consistent drop in numbers though, Ubisoft is not quite ready to give up on the game yet.

The Division 2 Lag

Yes, there are some balancing issues that still need to be resolved but these things can be fixed via a quick update. The Division was also suffering from similar issues until it got a couple of expansions that turned the game from mediocre to great. So, keeping that in mind, The Division 2 has a great chance of bouncing back with an expansion and maybe a change in strategy.

The Division 2 down to a ridiculously low price of $2.99

With the falling player base come some heavy discounts and The Division 2 is no different. Earlier this week, the game went down to almost $5 at GameStop. However, if that was still not compelling enough for you to pick up The Division 2, it has received another discount and is now priced at a ridiculously low $2.99 on Xbox Store. You can check it out on via the link below.

Buy The Division 2 for Xbox One

However, one question that does need to be asked is that why has the game been discounted so heavily? We’ve been hearing rumors about a new expansion coming out for The Division 2 called Warlords of New York that takes us back to the streets of Manhattan where the first game took place. So, this could be Ubisoft’s move to bring more players into the game before the new expansion comes out.

There are a few other rumors roaming around as well though. Firstly, the looter shooter genre has evolved quite a lot over the past few years. While we do still have full-priced games like Borderlands 3, other free-to-play games like Destiny have been much more successful in the long run with their own expansions and DLC.

How to fix low fps, lag and freezing issues on The Division 2

So, this could potentially end up being Ubisoft’s last push towards selling a few copies before the game eventually follows Destiny’s footsteps and goes free-to-play. Furthermore, with The Division also being a multiplayer oriented game much like Destiny, this could end up being the move that revitalizes The Division 2 and gives it another life.

The Division 2

The discount is only available on the Xbox One for now though which could mean that The Division 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass soon. The Xbox Game Pass Twitter account has already tweeted out that February is going to be a big month for the subscription service with a few surprises on the way and this could just end up being one of them.

In addition to that, The Division was also a part of Game Pass initially for a while and this could be an extension of that relationship between Microsoft and Ubisoft.

In any case, at only $2.99, The Division 2 is an absolute steal with hundreds of hours of free content available to players. In addition to that, the rumors for the upcoming DLC are also extremely promising and it has the potential to completely change The Division 2 into something that is actually worth sticking around and investing in.

The Division 2 is out on the Xbox One, PC, and the PlayStation 4.

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