The BlueDAC by CEntrance gives you the wired earphone experience wirelessly

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The words “amazing sound quality” and “Bluetooth” aren’t often spoken in the same sentence unless its someone usually commenting on how Bluetooth devices will never be as good as wired devices in terms of sound quality. For the large part, this is true. However, the new BlueDAC from CEntrance is proof that Bluetooth devices are also capable of delivering amazing sound quality that would make any audiophile cry tears of joy.

Most of the newer phones nowadays are opting to leave the headphone jack behind which has large majority of people worried about their expensive (and seemingly superior) wired headphones. The BlueDAC is answer to their prayers. The BlueDac is basically an intermediary between phones and wired headsets or any other device other than phones.

Wired earphones can connect to it via Micro USB, a 3.5mm jack and a 2.5mm jack. The amp offers high resolution playback over USB and supports up to 24-bit/384kHz PCM. The BlueDAC also features aptX Bluetooth for wireless users but it’s limited to AAC audio for IOS users (both tablets and phones). According to CEntrance, BlueDAC has a better battery life in Bluetooth mode, capable of going up to 20 hours. In USB mode its battery life is 8 hours.

Image: Digital Audio Review

Although the BlueDAC has a lot to offer and certainly lives up to its price tag through the sound quality it provides, it’s physical appearance is nothing special.

Truthfully told, it’s physical appearance looks a little cheap when compared to other devices in the same price range. It doesn’t look like a $400 device at all with its plastic build.

However, don’t let its physical appearance dissuade you from buying as the device is a winner in all aspects from the inside. It’s also very small so it won’t be a bother carrying that thing around.

The BlueDAC will make mediocre earphones seem great. It’ll also make sure premium earphones whose quality gets bottlenecked in phones also perform to their full potential even when plugged into phones. It’ll make you forget that you were listening over Bluetooth, getting the wired earphones experience wirelessly.

The BlueDAC is also a balanced amplifier, so if you connect a balanced wire with a 2.5mm port onto its available 2.5mm port then you won’t be disappointed. The balance operation makes your earphones sound even better than before. The balanced operation makes your earphone’s existing quality even better if you plug it in through a balanced wire into the 2.5mm port, the BlueDAC is a powerful device.

However, not all earphones can be used with balanced cables, so be careful and check the earphones’ specifications or check with the manufacturers before spending extra cash on a balanced cable.

The Bluetooth feature is convenient, and a must have especially for those people who have the latest iPhones. If you have a set of expensive earphones, then fear not as they won’t go to waste thanks to the BlueDAC. It would be a wise investment, a bit expensive at $400 but it certainly lives up to its price tag.

The BlueDAC also works great when connected to desktops via USB and even when connected to phones via USB. It provides a much cleaner sound when connected to phones via USB (since it’s a wired connection), however it’s a minor difference not worth having to bring in a wire for when the whole point of BlueDAC is to make your wired earphones wireless.

The BlueDAC by CEntrance is a great device and a rare success for Bluetooth devices. It successfully turns wired earphones into wireless without compromising on the sound quality, it also offers a solution to those who don’t have a headphone jack anymore on their phones but would still prefer wired earphones. If nothing, its highly likely that the BlueDAC will make your earphones sound better than they already are, it’s worth buying for sure.

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