Best Drones under $300

The Best 4K Drones under $300 in 2020

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Drones have really gained popularity in the past couple of years to the point where almost every cinematic footage that you see, is made by one. Once considered a professional-only tool, it is now in the hands of most content creators on YouTube. While drones have gotten increasingly popular, the prices of a good one seem to only go higher.

DJI is one of the largest names in the world of drones. Think of it as the go-to company for professionals. As expected, the prices of its products are at the top, to the point where its cheapest drone, the DJI Spark, costs over $500. That’s simply too much for an average person with an average income who wants to get into the world on cinematic photography and videography.

So does that mean you can’t get a good drone that can shoot stabilized 4K photos or videos for affordable prices? Well, yes you can. Fortunately for you guys, there are brands other than DJI that offer their products for far less. While I do admit that compromises are made to keep the price tag low, the drones do seem to get the job done.

Therefore we’ve decided to compile a list of best drones under $300 that can shoot 4K photos or videos. The list is in increasing order of price. Do keep in mind that if you choose to go for a cheaper product, you’ll be compromising on something else, so be prepared for that. We hope this list is useful in helping you embark on your journey towards becoming a successful videographer!

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1. Tianqu VISUO XS816

  • 4K HD FPV Flight
  • Folding Shark Design
  • Upgraded Battery with 20 minutes of flight time
  • Altitude Hold Function
  • 6 Axis Flight Control System
  • High/Low-Speed Mode with 3D Flips for Better Acrobatics

We start off the list with the cheapest product available. Meet the Tianqu VISUO XS816. Sure it has a weird name and it might be from a brand that you’ve never heard before. However, that can be said for almost all the products in this list, as you shall soon see. For its price, it surely offers more than what you expect.

The VISUO XS816 has a foldable design to make it as compact as possible when not in use. There are sharp angles and edges, which are referred to as a “shark” design and they are a hallmark of a premium drone. This is the reason why the XS816 looks more expensive if you just look at it and don’t know what it is.

Coming at a price of just $109.99, the VISUO XS816 is a bargain especially if you consider that it offers 4K. For this price, you get the drone itself, along with a remote controller and some extra propellers and prop guards. Unfortunately, there’s no carry case that comes with it but I guess that’s the compromise that you make with a sub-$200 drone. Regardless, if you’re interested in it you can buy it from the link below.

2. CFLYAI Dream01

  • 4K Adjustable Camera
  • 5G WiFi for High-Speed Transmission
  • Brushless Motors for Power Efficiency
  • 1000mAh high-capacity battery with 30 minutes of Flight Time
  • GPS Hover and Optical Flow Modes
  • Can Achieve a Range of 1800m (5905ft)

Next on our list is the CFLYAI Dream01. Like the VISUO XS816, which we saw earlier, it also costs under $200 but just so. However, also like the XS816 it offers much more than what you pay for. I personally don’t like the design as it’s more rounded than angular. This makes it look more like a toy than an actual tool. But if you can look past that, it’s actually a good drone.

As mentioned earlier, this uses a faster 5G WiFi connection that can interact with the controller and your smartphone for high-speed transmission. This results in a much more lag-free live footage and instant control response. In addition to that, the camera angle can also be remotely adjusted which is convenient for a last-minute change in composition.

The CFLYAI Dream01 comes in at $199.99, which just makes it a sub-$200 drone. For the money, you get the drone itself, some extra propellers, remote control, and an extra battery. This is a good deal especially if you consider all the other flight features that are packed into this drone. In case this falls in your budget and you’re interested, you can check it out and buy it from the link below.

3. 4DRC M1

  • Adjustable 4K 4096×3072 Camera
  • 5G WiFi for High-Speed Transmission
  • Brushless Motors for Power Efficiency with High Precision PCB board
  • 4000mAh battery with 30 minute Flight Time
  • Folding Body
  • GPS Return to Home Feature in case Signal is Lost or Low Battery
  • Incredible Range of 1.6km

Moving along, we get the 4DRC M1. Again, it’s from a brand no one’s heard of but it does offer some good value for money. Starting off with the design of the M1, the angles are back and we love them. In addition to that, when folded up, the drone becomes compact. In fact, this might be the most compact drone in this list thanks to its sleek design.

Like the CFLYAI Dream01, this also has a fast 5G WiFi connectivity for the best possible transmission and long-range control. As mentioned earlier, the M1 can go as far as 1.6km away from you without losing signals. In case it does or if the battery level goes too low, it has an auto-return home feature which will bring it back to you so that you don’t lose it.

Coming at $228.00, the 4DRC M1 is a solid purchase. It comes with the drone, extra propellers, and remote control. You may wonder that if it has the same specs as the CFLYAI Dream01, then why is it more expensive? Well, it all comes down to the performance. They might be similar on paper, but it’s the little difference in quality that makes this cost more. In case you are up for it, check it out from the link below.

4. Tianqu VISUO Zen K1

  • FPV 4K 4096×3072 Camera Setup
  • 5G WiFi for High-Speed Transmission
  • 2500mAh Battery resulting in a 28 minute Flight Time
  • Folding Body
  • Brushless Motors for Power Efficiency
  • Supports 50x Digital Zoom and Electronic Stabilization
  • Has a High-Speed Mode that Allows up to 60km/h

Next up, we have the Tianqu VISUO Zen K1. This is the second drone in this list from the same brand so you can guess it’s pretty popular with budget drones. Regardless, the VISUO Zen K1 is a step up from it’s a much cheaper sibling and it shows. The design isn’t as angular, it is more mature, if we can call it that. It looks less aggressive but since looks are subjective I won’t pass judgment here.

If we talk about the features the Zen K1 has a lot. They include GPS auto return, orbiting point of interest, fixed flight path, follow the subject and follow the app. My favorite one from these has to be the fixed flight path. It allows you to make a virtual path on a map and the drone then follows the exact same path using its GPS.

Costing a total of $249.99, the Tianqu VISUO Zen K1 does start to feel like its getting expensive. However, as I’ve mentioned multiple times, the ones with a low price tag have little compromises made that’ll only be visible when you use the product. With every increase in price, you get a significant increase in quality. In case you’re interested in the Zen K1, then you can buy it from the link below.

5. Contixo F24 Pro

  • 4K Ultra HD Adjustable Camera
  • Folding Body
  • Brushless Motors for Power Efficiency and Longer Life
  • High Capacity Batteries resulting in a 30 minute Flight Time
  • Range of 1800ft for Video Transmission and 3600ft for the Controller
  • GPS Return to Home Feature in case Signal is Lost or Low Battery

Following that, we have the Contixo F24 Pro. Coming in at the same price as the VISUO Zen K1, this prioritizes different features that weren’t particularly at best with the Zen. To start off, the body is much sleeker and there are more angles. When folded up, the F24 Pro pretty much has a similar footprint to the 4DRC M1, which means it becomes quite portable.

As far as the features are concerned, apart from the necessary ones, it does have some unique ones. They include Gesture controls and Selfie Mode. The latter of the bunch is really underrated as it is an excellent way to take a picture with a large group without being limited by the field of view of an ordinary smartphone selfie camera.

As mentioned earlier, this costs exactly the same as the Zen K1, which means it will set you back $249.99. In addition to the features that we just talked about, the F24 Pro comes with an additional carrying bag, which does make it worth every penny. Traveling with drones can be tough considering how fragile they can be and that’s where a dedicated bag truly comes into play. If that’s what you look for in a budget drone then do feel free to check it out in the link below.

6. Jet Time X7

  • 4K Adjustable Camera
  • 5G WiFi for High-Speed Transmission
  • 2500mAh Li-Battery Resulting in a 31 minute Flight Time
  • Brushless Motors for Power Efficiency and Longer Life
  • Folding Body
  • Intelligent App and Gesture Control
  • GPS Return to Home Feature in case Signal is Lost or Low Battery
  • Has a High-Speed Mode that Allows up to 50km/h

As the second last product on our list, we have the Jet Time X7. It is one of the two most expensive drones in this list coming at just a hair under $300. However, it’s not like the X7 doesn’t have enough features to back up that price tag. The design is angular, actually surprisingly similar to the Contixo F24 Pro. This means that there aren’t any complaints in the looks department as we liked the F24 Pro.

Also, like the F24 Pro, we get to see Selfie Mode once again in this. It is incredibly useful as it allows you to take pictures with a group of friends easily and without any constraints. It also supports gesture controls so you can control it without having to hold the remote or your smartphone. In addition to that, the smartphone app also has a one-click share feature that allows you to share freshly captured pictures or videos without any hassle.

Coming in at $299.00, you do get a potent drone that can do everything. Like the F24 Pro, it also comes with a dedicated bag, which allows for better and safer portability as putting your drone with other luggage can damage it. Regardless, if you found this to be just what you wanted, head over to the link below to buy it.

7. Ruko F11 Pro

  • 4K Ultra HD Camera
  • 5G WiFi for High-Speed Transmission
  • Brushless Motors for Power Efficiency and Quieter Operation
  • Folding Body
  • 2500mAh Intelligent Battery that Results in a 30 minute Flight Time
  • Range of 1614 ft for Video Transmission and 3937 ft for the Controller
  • GPS Return to Home Feature in case Signal is Lost or Low Battery
  • Comes with a 90 day Free Warranty

Lastly, we have the Ruko F11 Pro. Also known as SJRC F11 pro, it is probably the best you can get for under $300 when it comes to drones. So you might assume that it comes with the best possible features and you’d be right to do so as we shall now see. Again, we see a familiar, angular design, similar to the last two entries. Needless to say, it is a good looking drone.

As you’d expect the F11 Pro comes with all the bells and whistles that a drone should have. This includes gesture controls, a smart return to home feature, auto hover subject, object tracking, and following and GPS path following. All of them are exactly what you need and the F11 Pro does it the best.

All this comes in at $299.99, which just manages to let the F11 Pro squeeze into our sun-$300 categories. For this, you get, along with the drone, an extra battery, a 90-day warranty, and a dedicated carrying case. I’ve already mentioned the benefits of a carrying case. However, an extra battery can make all the difference you need as it virtually doubles your flight time in a single charge. The warranty also helps to have peace of mind while purchasing this. In case this has you sold, feel free to head over to the link below to buy it.

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