The Apple Watch Series 4 – Hands On Review

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The Apple Watch Series 4 has finally arrived on the shelves and it is debatably the best thing that Apple announced at their latest event with the biggest upgrade for sure. The Series 4 is basically the first real redesign of the Apple Watch and offers some massive improvements, it is now much more powerful, functional and modern looking. From advanced heart rate sensor like ECG to larger display in the same form factor, the new device promises to be the best Apple Watch yet. But is it really worth the upgrade? Let’s find out in our Apple Watch Series 4 review.

• Design:

First, let’s talk about the design of the watch, it is available in two new sizes. The previously small 38mm has turned into a 40mm and the larger version of 42mm has turned into 44mm size. Naturally, you might think that the bigger watches would look too big on your wrist but the actual size of the watch itself is almost identical, it is just fractionally bit wider and taller.

Also, this time you get 30% more display area in the same form factor thanks to the minimal bezels. The corners are also rounded so it matches the shape of the watch giving it a much nicer look and overall it is now a really thin and modern looking watch. There are other small design changes made which put together makes every previous Apple watch look terrible when compared to this one.

Image by iMore

The crown of the watch has also been changed, it now has a subtle red ring instead of a huge red dot and it also provides haptic feedback. The sensor array present at the back of the watch is made up of ceramic and sapphire crystal and looks way better. The mic has also been moved to the other side of the speaker so it’s functionally better and eliminates the issue of echo during calls.

The speakers are now made way bigger but overall the shape of the watch is familiar to its predecessor and also the bands from the previous Apple watches are compatible with this new one.

In terms of colors, the Series 4 comes in three aluminum finishes — silver, gold, and space gray. There is also a gold stainless steel version available that comes with a Milanese band, in addition to the silver and space black stainless steel options.

• Specifications:

The Apple Watch series rocks the next generation S4, 64-bit dual-core processor under the hood that has been manufactured to double the performance of the device. The gyroscope and accelerometer now also have two times more dynamic range and can sample motion data eight times faster.

The speaker has also been redesigned, it is now 50% more loud and clear than its predecessor. On other hand the battery life of the device is still the same, Apple claims 18 hours of battery life winch is enough to get you through the day. Also, the company has increased the daily outdoor workout session to six hours, there is full GPS tracking for long bicycle rides.

• Software:

This watch runs Apple’s latest watch operating system, the Watch OS 5. It is now much more enhanced and improved and also comes with some additional features too that are developed for those who are a little more vulnerable or suffer certain health conditions. Like it can sense when you’re falling and if you take a hard fall and don’t move for a while it will automatically call emergency services and will notify them about it which is actually pretty smart.

Image by Self

One of the most impressive features is that it has ECG sensor which allows you to hold down the watch crown and it will connect a circuit that will accurately read your heart and produce an ECG report which you can then export to PDF and send directly to your doctor. The news sensors can also detect if your heart rate appears to be too low and will notify you about it. This feature is first of its kind in a smartwatch which could legitimately save lives.

The rest of the OS is the same, it is the same bubbly layout but is much smoother, faster and responsive. Also, there are tons of new watch faces with more detailed and graphic information. Users can see stocks and heart rate, track scores from sports teams, view boarding information, and more.

• Pricing:

The base model of the Apple Watch Series 4 comes at a price tag of $399 while the 4G LTE model comes at a price tag of $499. There are other variants available of the watch which costs up to $799. The pre-order for the watch is available in the United States and will start shipping on September 21.

This is was our review of the Apple Watch Series 4. We hope you enjoyed and found this informative. Tell us what you think about this watch in the comments section below.

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