The Anonymous Twitter account might be fake: Shocking revelations

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The Anonymous tweets that have caused a huge stir are most likely coming from a fake account.

The George Floyd murder by Minneapolis police officers took the world by a shock. Protests are still happening in a lot of states. Amidst all this chaos, a group of hacktivists that call themselves Anonymous resurfaced.

Here’s what Anonymous had to say

We are legion, expect us. 

Anonymous say that they don’t expect anything from the Police Department and seek revenge. They demand prosecution of the police officers involved. Anonymous says that people are now fed up of police brutality and they are very angry. The group threatens to expose the crimes of Minneapolis Police Department to the world.

The last Anonymous activity, before the George Floyd incident, was when the group hacked UN’s website. They added a page for Taiwan; it has not had a seat at the UN since 1971.

Now tweets from the account Anonymous (@youranoncentral) are taking Twitter like a storm. The account claims to have evidence linking Donald Trump to the Jeffery Epstein child trafficking network.

The account also claims that Russia has proof of organized crime against Donald Trump in the same case and is blackmailing the President of the United States.

The account owners have also uploaded the lawsuit and affidavits of the case to Scribd on the account OpDeathEaters.


So, is the Anonymous account making these huge claims even real?

It doesn’t seem real at all. If we analyse the account activity we can see that the account mostly outsources information from other accounts. Moreover, Anonymous has been in action since 2008. On the other hand, the Anonymous account has gained most of its followers over the past week.

So far, the account hasn’t posted anything that’s not public information. The people behind it have most certainly not exposed Donald Trump yet.

Also, as some Twitter users have pointed out, the Anonymous account has a lot of loopholes too.

According to some claims, the account has also openly tweeted and supported transmisogyny.

In other tweets, people have pointed out that having a Twitter account jeopardizes the whole being Anonymous act. The reason is that Twitter accounts are traceable and can be connected to the owners. Therefore, they would never risk having a mainstream Twitter account.

The account owners are also familiar with the claims being made about their authenticity.

However, the account doesn’t seem legit at all.

But, how did it get so much hype?

It’s all about the timing. The sad George Floyd incident made the hacktivist group resurface. The video released became viral soon after it was uploaded. America was already under immense pressure, with riots and protests in most of the states. The Anonymous twitter account worked like kerosene on a burning car.

With everything happening in America, people still needed more reasons to be angry. The Anonymous account gave them just that. They tweeted about about Trump’s involvement with the Jeffery Epstein case, claimed to have evidence, and people had another reason to hate Trump. It was easy to digest by the people and the tweets were retweeted by thousands of people.

By the look of it and the account behavior, it is highly unlikely that the Anonymous account has any connection to the hacktivist group, except the name, of course!


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