The all new HTC U11 with Edge Sense Technology

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We have seen curved displays, 4k video recordings, attachable modules, infinite display and many other “new features” in the smartphones but HTC has recently revealed its epic new flagship by the name HTC U11 that is the first “squeezable” phone! Yes, you read that correctly! It’s the first phone ever made which will not only be flexible but you can perform different functions by applying pressure on the sides on the phone.

Smartphone market has been progressing very rapidly, every company is trying to get a competitive edge on its rival, and that ends up in having an entirely new technology in the smartphone every year, HTC tried its best to make you think twice before buying Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 7 or Google Pixel, and they have come up with this new flexible phone which can perform different function when you squeeze its sides, its all a part of HTC finding new ways to get innovative and give us a new way to use our smartphone.


HTC might not have changed the interface of their new flagship smartphone entirely but they surely have changed the way you can use your phone, the edges of the new HTC U11 have smart sense and you can interact with the screen while pressing your phone’s side.

Let’s say when you press your phone’s edges short, the camera will appear and when you press it long it might open Google chrome for you. It sounds really interesting and useful but we guess it will be more fun once we have tested the phone ourselves.

The main issue, in my opinion, will be the amount of force you would have to apply on the edges to do a task, I mean that won’t be as intuitive as it should be.


The new HTC U11 is a high-end smartphone with some super powerful specifications that comes in all new liquid surface design (that is the new Edge Sense Technology), there are 5 colors you can choose from.

The phone has a 5.5” QHD display with gorilla glass 5 protection and the phone’s feel is more like metal than steel which is a plus. HTC U11 is also offering some really great speakers with new designed U Sonic headphones and one of the best cameras available in the market (12mp with new HDR boost for taking RAW pictures). HTC U11 is has a 3000mAh battery.

Well, in a nutshell, HTC has created a hype in the smartphone world with its new model, but now we’d have to wait and see if the world welcomes this new EDGE SENSE technology or not.

The all-new HTC U11 will be available in some countries from May 18, 2017, and will be available in the UK and rest of the world from mid-June. And it will cost around $700.

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