The 2021 iPhone will feature In-Display TouchID along with FaceID

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It looks like Apple has finally decided to listen to the general public as rumors circulate that the 2021 iPhone will once again feature TouchID. As days fade away, Apple’s annual keynote draws nearer. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most anticipated events in the tech world. It’s that time of the year when we get to see the new iPhone.

The upcoming iPhone, presumably known to be called the iPhone XI, is one of the most speculated devices. While there have been numerous leaks and rumors regarding the design and the specs of that device, we can’t help but notice something regarding a successor that is due to be launched in another 2 years. The latest one being related to the device’s security. It is now believed that the new iPhone will have an in-display sensor for TouchID, much like every other new phone that’s coming out.

Image: Apple 

In case you didn’t know, Apple debuted the famous TouchID with the iPhone 5S. At that time, it was the first phone that could be unlocked via a fingerprint, which made it a revolutionary device. Despite being loved by users, the feature was discontinued after being featured on the iPhone 8 in 2017.

That same year, however, we got to see the iPhone X and debuted on it was FaceID. While many Android phones did feature face scanning as unlocking methods, FaceID was still revolutionary as it was the most secure of them all. As amazing as it was, people seemed to prefer the convenience and simplicity of TouchID more than FaceID. Thankfully, their pleas have been heard.

2021 iPhone
Image: Forbes

The best thing about all this is that Apple won’t be ditching FaceID, instead, both features will work together and complement each other, which is a first in Apple’s history. According to a report by 9to5Mac, Apple does not have the technology to incorporate both FaceID and TouchID on the upcoming iPhones. They’ll need a couple of years to perfect it and 2021 seems to be the magic number.

The most surprising and disappointing fact is that in-display fingerprint sensors are not that revolutionary. Android phones have it for over a year now. It’s also not possible to make it more secure as Samsung has already debuted the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor on its Galaxy S10. This then means, the company will have to come up with something extraordinary in order to retain its status as a revolutionary brand.

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