The 2019 MacBook Pro Might Come with a 16″ Display

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Rumor has it that Apple might be giving the MacBook Pro a major overhaul in 2019. For all you Apple fans out there, yes it’s finally happening. After 3 long years, we will finally get to see a new MacBook Pro. Now for those of you who can’t seem to understand the hype behind this, let me explain.

Apple has always wowed us with its innovative designs and features that are found over all its devices. However, while devices like the iPhone get updated each year, the MacBooks get to stick around for a while. In fact, the latest MacBook came out in 2016. It may have been revolutionary at the time with its OLED Touch Bar and Retina Display, you still can’t deny that fact that a design carried over for 3 years eventually gets stagnant.

Image: Gizmodo

However, now our wait might finally over as there have been constant rumors surfacing regarding the new MacBook. Unlike most rumors, this has a reliable source that may know what the tech giant is planning next. An analyst by the name of Ming-Chi Kuo has released a research note that highlights Apple’s plans for 2019.

The research note states that Apple is working on the development of a MacBook Pro with a 16″-16.5″ display. Now, this is a truly interesting revelation. Apple used to have a 17″ MacBook Pro but it got discontinued in 2012. Since that, you couldn’t go any higher than 15″ on a MacBook Pro. And if you wanted anything bigger, you had to go with other brands.

Image: 9to5Mac

By introducing a 16″-16.5″ MacBook, Apple will put itself back in the 17″ laptop market, which will give the competitors a run for their money. Unfortunately, no other details were revealed about the new MacBook for us fantasize over. Though Ming-Chi Kuo did say that Apple might introduce a 32GB RAM option for the 13″ MacBook Pro.

How do we know that this is a reliable source? Well, it is believed that Kuo has contacts at Apple’s Asian supply chain. He has made countless research notes in the past with predictions regarding Apple’s products, most of which have been true. It is, therefore, safe to assume, and we do hope, that this is true as well.

Regarding the rest of the specs, we haven’t been given any information, but we can predict what the new MacBook will come loaded with.


Slimmer Bezels! Either that or the “new” MacBook will look outdated compared to the likes of Dell and Huawei with their XPS13 and MateBook X Pro respectively. It may also use Samsung’s 4K OLED display that it has been developing for other manufacturers. That paired with slimmer bezels will result in a stunning design that, like previous MacBook Pros, will be ahead of its time.

Image: AppleInsider Forums

The new MacBook Pro might even debut Apple’s first Glass Keyboard. With Apple recently receiving a patent for this revolutionary technology, it is evident they’ll feature it first on their top of the line MacBook. It has a transformable glass panel that, when pressed, will move and give adequate feedback similar to a mechanical keyboard. If it works, it will be a massive improvement over the notoriously unreliable Butterfly Keyboard that MacBooks currently use.


The 2019 MacBook pro is expected to use Intel’s Whiskey Lake processors. Released in August 2018, they are already powering some of the latest laptops. With the new MacBook Pro expected to be revealed during the summer of this year, they do seem to be an obvious choice. Some people also predict that Apple will go with Intel’s 9th-generation Core i7 and i9 processors that are soon going to come out for laptops.


And now we’ve come at the bitter end. MacBooks, like every other Apple product, have always been expensive and this will be no exception. In fact, this will probably be the most expensive MacBook to date. The current lineup starts at $1300 with the 13″ MacBook Pro. It has a 7th Gen Intel i5, 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD. This particular variant comes without the OLED touch bar. The one with it comes at $1800.

Considering there’s an $1100 difference between the 13″ and 15″ variants and taking all other specs into consideration, the new 16″ version might be hitting the $3000 mark. That is a lot of money for a laptop but it’s also a whole lot of a laptop as well.

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