Tesla’s Self-Driving Cars Break Speed Limits Once Again

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Tesla’s self-driving cars have just been allowed once again to break the speed limits on roads thanks to an update on the software that was just made last weekend.

The software update allows the autopilot function to work in a different manner on the electronic cars.

Several rather advanced forms of safety features have been added such as the lane assist which helps maintain the electronic car to drive on the proper lane whilst on motorways. A second feature includes the adaptive cruise control, which makes the car able to maintain the same speed of another vehicle that is driving in front of it.

Crossing the Limits Again

Back in December there was an update to the software on the electronic car that prevented the cars from crossing the set speed limits.

Elon Musk stated that there was no real or major factor as to why they had made that move, and added that drivers as a whole were driving too fast in general on roads.

However, that software update has now been reversed, permitting the electronic cars to breaking the speed limits once again.

Meanwhile on the highways the autopilot feature allows the car to drive up to speeds of 90 mph regardless of what the speed limit on the highway is.

It’s Under Control

Several owners of the self-driving cars expressed extreme joy upon the recently changed updates.

The Tesla Company was asked whether or not they approve of electronic car owners in letting their cars drive at speeds faster than what is allowed by law.

The company responded with a statement stating that first off, the objective of these electronic cars are to offer a far more enjoyable and safer trip on the roads. Second of all and most importantly, the current category the automated vehicles are in is set at Level 2.

The statement added that once the full autonomy level has been reached, the driver until then is considered responsible for the electronic car and must be in control of their vehicles.

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