Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla Model S P100D

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The time of the German sedans is over. Tesla, the American electric cars manufacturing giant is set to redefine the sedan game. Its electric cars are a nod to the future of car manufacturing. Founded in 2003, the company passed its 200,000 unit milestone in March 2017, making Tesla the second largest global pure electric car manufacturer after the Renault–Nissan Alliance.

After the Model S P90D, Tesla has introduced the Model S P100D. The way Tesla upgrades its car models is more like a software update than a car model update. Upgrading the P90D, the P100D has a larger battery. The 90kWh battery is replaced by a 100kWh battery which runs longer and gives more mileage.

The Model S P100D is a high-end car and is very expensive. Going electric and fuel free certainly does not make this car less expensive. The price of the car can reach up to $300,000 with optional add-on features. The manufacturer offers different battery capacities, depending on individual needs of customers. The battery ranges from 75kWh to 100kWh.


Tesla Model S P100D

The latest Model S comes with many other welcome changes as well other than the battery upgrade. The grille at the front is thinner and more pointed as compared to previous models. The center console now has adjustable cup holders and is divided more properly. There is also a case with a retractable lid to stash away items.

It sports a spacious cabin and unrivaled cargo space. Additional cargo space added in the bonnet at the front is a relief for those who carry loads of luggage while traveling. Now you can travel without a worry for space. This car has you covered. There is more room in the cabin because of the way this car has been designed. It is both clever and intelligent. The batteries have all been packed away in the platform of the car while the front and rear axle housing the motors. This design genius leaves loads of room for the cabin to be spacious and comfortable.

More updates have been made to the touch-screen interface such as improved media streaming and updated Google Maps. It is more of a software update than a major change to the hardware. The interior more or less looks the same with the exception of the center console.

Although the alignment and gaps in the front panel and elsewhere aren’t immaculate, these will improve with time as Tesla makes more cars and gains expertise in that area as well as start perfecting minor details rather than making big changes.


Anyone who has ever driven an electric car knows how quiet these cars are, compared to the traditional ones. Same is the case with the Tesla Model S P100D. It drives noiselessly, smooth as silk, with no sound of the engine at any point of the drive.

This smooth and quiet drive makes the ride very relaxing and comfortable. The whole experience of driving this car is one of calmness and serenity. Road bumps are not felt inside the car thanks to Tesla’s air suspension with adjustable ride heights. The car can go up to 100km/h in 2-7 seconds! This is one strong, quiet and fast car. The throttle response is almost immediate, the burst of speed comes without warning. It is truly exhilarating how it can suddenly burst into shocking speed.

Tesla Model S P100D

The wheels have a good road grip. The steering experience is good, better than many competitors. This car is basically a dual-motor all-wheel drive vehicle (AWD). It is, therefore, a great sports sedan and gives many competitors a run for their money, especially considering that it is a rather new manufacturer in a market full of very old players in the field of sports car manufacturing. It comes with three steering modes; comfort, standard and sport and two acceleration modes; sport and ‘ludicrous’. It is this crazy speed mode that is the most thrilling!

A fast car like this must come with great brakes as well. The Tesla Model S P100D comes equipped with multi-piston Brembo calipers. Brembo High-Performance brake calipers combine unrivaled stability with astounding braking performance. They make sure the car brakes perform at par with its acceleration capability. This is exactly what is required in a car like the Tesla Model S P100D.

Final Word

The Tesla Model S P100D is a powerful car that has a smooth and comfortable ride. Being an electric car, it is almost noiseless. Hence, the drive is absolutely serene. Running on electric power rather than traditional fuel, it is an environmentally friendly car and good to our overall wellbeing. Tesla’s innovative technology allows for this car to go smoothly over minor bumps without the driver or passengers ever knowing.

It is an excellent choice for people who are looking for its economical use as well as style and some thrill. Thanks to its crazy ‘ludicrous’ mode, it can go from normal to really crazy fast in a matter of seconds.

The manufacturer has artfully combined performance with luxury. The interior is tastefully designed and the state-of-the-art touch-screen is the best among competitors. This car is technologically sound, intelligently designed and very stylish. It is a sure head turner.

Although the price is not exactly for everyone, it offers high value for money and does full justice to the price tag that comes along with it. Also, its auto-pilot mode is still in beta-testing phase, add that to the package and it is a deal well worth its price.

Tesla, although a new player in the car manufacturing market, has won over many customers and is making improvements to its line of vehicles fairly quickly. Many new features, upgrades, and technological advancements have made this a sure choice for the future of automobiles. It is a truly futuristic car which combines sophistication and style, performance and looks in a perfect manner.

If you seek comfort, performance, technologically advanced, an efficient and economical vehicle without caring too much for the price tag then the Tesla Model S P100D is for you.

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