Tesla launches its own Battery Pack to supplement your Tesla Branded Life

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Owner of a Tesla brand? We have got great news, Tesla has launched its own Tesla Themed Battery! Tesla already had much hype surrounding itself because of the blazing fast supercar it launched earlier this week along with its new electrical semi truck. Therefore, this news of a battery caught all of us by surprise.

The Battery can be used to charge your regular iPhones, iPads, or anything which can be charged via a micro USB cable. If you are amongst those who surround themselves with Tesla branded products then you probably know about the Tesla’s Supercharger monument. The battery is made in reference to the exact same monument at the Tesla Design Studio. If you happen to know all this, then most probably you are so much into the Tesla world, that you won’t miss a chance for adding a Tesla Battery Pack to your accessories.


The battery pack is supposed to have a capacity of 3350 mAh, which is more than enough for your regular everyday need to charge your phone throughout the day. As far as the price is concerned, the price is largely reasonable with a tag of $45, but there is bad news; you are not going to get one now if you haven’t gotten it yet since it already sold out.

The Powerbank features an integrated USB and Lightning connectors while a detachable micro USB connector is also included. If you intend on buying a charger with a USB port, then you are again out of luck since it already sold out too. The company’s desktop Supercharger included a USB port so that any device can be charged by plugging one end of the cable to the USB port while the other according to the devices’ specification (lightning or micro-USB). It also just cost a meager $45, but sadly you won’t be able to get one now.

We are pretty much sure, that if it wasn’t for being a Tesla product, it wouldn’t have garnered much attention especially because of much cheaper alternatives for the same capacity. Now you can just hope against hope that you are either lucky to find one reselling (which is least likely) or that Elon Musk and the team behind the tech, would produce another batch.


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