Tensions Over South China Sea

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U.S. President Donald Trump has promised to thwart China’s efforts in claiming territorial regions within the South China Sea.

China responded by assuring him and his administration that certain regions within the South China Sea are considered ‘indisputable sovereignty.’

The Foreign Ministry within China have declared that they would continue affirming their stance in safeguarding their rights to the territories.

Meanwhile White House press secretary Sean Spicer stated last Monday that the United States will guarantee that their interests are secured within the region.

The administration of former President Barack Obama had not chosen a side on this matter.

Forbidden Sea

Several countries have been claiming for some territorial gains within regions in the South China Sea, which consists of an abundance of resources.

The region also serves as a vital route for ships to cross through.

In 2016 the former US Secretary of State John Kerry stated that a huge militarization has sprouted up within the South China Sea “from one kind or another.”

However, President Trump has already provoked the Chinese in more than one way before becoming president, and at the moment he has chosen to continue with his harsh stance towards the Chinese.

Watch Your Step

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying stated that China has been committed on negotiating this entire matter through peaceful means regarding all of the nations that claim territory in this region.

Chunying added that China fully “respects the principles of freedom of navigation and over-flight in international waters.”

These statements come after President Trump declared that if the South China Sea serves as international waters, then he will make sure the U.S. safeguards its own interests from being taken over.

A more aggressive suggestion was thrown in by Rex Tillerson, Trump’s Secretary of State. Tillerson suggests that the U.S. should forcefully block the Chinese from constructing any more islands in the region.

Furthermore in his statement, he then adds that they will send a direct message to the Chinese after they block them and will prevent them from accessing the islands again.

China responded on this matter by describing the outcome as nothing less but a “devastating confrontation.”

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