Teenage Hitler Sympathizer under Investigation

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Veronica Bouchard, 19, who lives in Toronto, is currently undergoing investigation by the authorities for allegedly posting a video online in which she praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, along with wishing Hitler a happy birthday.

Bouchard also mentioned in her video that crime rates have increased drastically due to the increase of immigrants in Canada.

More shocking statements that Bouchard had claimed was her view that perhaps the Holocaust had never actually occurred in the first place and called for a “white Canada.”

After her video had been posted, Bouchard was filed for charges on a hate crime, along with her YouTube channel removed from the internet, and her laptop has been confiscated by the authorities.

Bouchard Stands Her Ground

Bouchard responded by stating that she doesn’t understand why others have been so insulted from her post.

Bouchard used the name Veronica Evalion as a pseudonym for all her posts on YouTube, attracting as well several followers on social media, and has received a comment by someone considering her as the queen for the future German fourth Reich.

The teenager while singing Happy Birthday to a large portrait of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, also made cupcakes with the swastika on top, and reportedly said that Hitler is misunderstood and perhaps is not as cruel and brutal as most say he is.

More Ambitions

Bouchard says that Hitler serves as one of her leading iconic figures, and that the Jewish community seeks to dominate society and regulate it to their own agenda.

Adding afterwards that refugees and immigrants who have been entering the country are the primary reasons for crime rates to have exponentially gone upwards.

Bouchard has been regarded as the main representative for a Neo-Nazi group on the internet, which consists of mostly white males.

The young teenager upon being charged with her hate crime replied by saying that if only the survivors of the Holocaust had some sense of humor, they’d appreciate her comical video.


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