Teachers using face recognition in classrooms to detect interest level of students

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Everybody would have faced some struggle to maintain their concentration and focus on what the teacher is saying; at least once in their life.

That is why some teachers in France and China have now come up with a strong technology based solution which would help in measuring the minds of their students to ensure full concentration and attention in class.

Now no student would be seen dozing off during the lecture in a class.

We will be discussing two different face recognition methods; one is software based and another is based on artificial intelligence. Both of them are already in commercial use and have taken a very strong critique rating. Let’s have a look how did they implement it in their classroom and what are unique features in it.

  • ESG Business School, Paris – using face recognition in class to detect interest of students

The teachers of this school have started an artificial intelligence based program which helps in recognizing the student who is paying attention towards the class or not. Initially, it would only work for the volunteering students in the online classes of the school in order to check all the functionalities.

  • Prominent feature – Nestor Software

The most prominent feature of this program is the innovative software called ‘Nestor’ created by LCA Learning which will examine and judge the facial expression and eye movements of the students from the mini webcams in it to check whether they are attentive or not.

This innovative software has also been presented in the United Nations.

The main motive behind this software is to help the people coming from unprivileged backgrounds and providing them different opportunities for e-learning.

Similarly, other main goals of this Nestor Software are to collect the relevant data for improving the overall performance of students and teachers both.

In the making of this innovative and highly technological device, not only programmers and scientists but the psychologists also helped for having a deeper understanding of human’s nature and making it more accurate effectively.

  • Nestor Software Working

It works effectively through machine learning algorithms by marking different 20 marks on the user’s face such as on eye, brows, lips, jaws, etc and it can easily understand the student’s behavior is a short video lesson.

Nestor would directly approach on the student’s face and would scan it multiple times and would preferably judge the student’s eye-movements.

Then this amazing software would formulate a quiz based on the topics during which the student was dozing off and it would really help in assessing the student’s performance.

Nestor’s works very effectively because it has collected various kinds of data from several places and sessions for building a successful pattern in its memory to check when the students are more likely to lose focus

It operates through showing a notification on the screen which will pop up on the screen to show the student’s current state with time stamping feature.

It can also be integrated with the students and parents social networks accounts and different calendars for reporting purpose and checking the suggest study times.

It also gives suggestions for that student doesn’t need to stay up late for watching TV instead they should sleep or study.

In the coming time, the design will be extended and would send notification also if anyone s not hearing the lecture properly.

This device will really improve the overall performance level of classroom and teaching capabilities would become stronger as the teacher would know now that which student needs more attention to become attentive in class.

Similarly, there are many other privacy concerns also related to this device which is still to be improved. All of the data which has been added to this device’s memory should be encrypted. It should not be stored or kept somewhere in backup instead it should be removed immediately after use. The company has stated earlier that currently we are only analyzing and observing different kinds of data patterns and we have no concerns with the user’s information. So, that means they are not interested in selling this valuable data to any of the third-party company just like other companies are doing.

All of these aspects show that they are keen interested in making this device more powerful and accurate in a positive manner. For now, they would only use this information in order to analyze the behavioral patterns and different possibilities.

  • Sichuan University, China – using face recognition in class to detect interest of students

One of the Professors named as Wei Xiaoyong in the Chinese University (Sichuan University) has used facial recognition technology for checking that whether students are interested in the class or are feeling bored.

It can easily scan the student’s face and creates endless possibilities in the classroom environment.

Firstly, the teacher was using the simple face-tracking device since 5 years for taking attendance of students but he always had in his mind to make it something extra with more beneficial characteristics.

The teacher has already tested this device across China on different people and different scenarios that’s why he is quite positive about the use of this device on commercial purpose for wider educational ranges and he has developed the face reader inside the university laboratory for identifying different emotions of his students.

  • Working

The teacher has made a specific rule by introducing a ‘curve’ thing in this device which helps in showing whether the person is happy or is sad or bored enough.

This ‘curve’ can also be named as micro movements that are some unnecessary movements which involves turning or nodding of the head or moving thighs and legs up and down, etc.

It also helps in giving some light indication whether the user is inclined towards boredom or not.

It would really help in correlating this student’s interest data with what kind of content is being taught because it would really help in assessing which topic is exciting the students and which not.

Similarly, on the basis of results, you can change your lesson plans and delivering techniques if students feel bored at that time.

The teacher would know now that on which topic and how students will be having boredom or difficulty.

Every day programmers and different marketers are coming up with new ideas about how this highly-developing technology can be used for the best possible purpose.

One can easily say that the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Similarly, it has been made clear that it is not a simple attendance or tracking system rather it has an emotion-analyzer in it which can be used easily in many social sciences project or for the psychological research work.

The reason behind this is that it can add up to different behavioral patterns and instant reaction of students in its memory which can be really useful for any researcher out there.

Applications like these are there to help people with and improving their lives with better and outstanding opportunities and providing them more comfort.

Similarly, after incorporating this device you can be easily assured that the integrity and teaching methodology of different educational systems are being upheld now.

It would also help in reducing the opportunities for any kind of academic level glitches and frauds.

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