Tap Strap – A Wearable Keyboard Ready To Change The Future Of Typing

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Tap is an amazing futuristic wearable input device introduced by Tap Systems. It is designed to mimic the work of our current typical ‘QWERTY’ keyboard. In the upcoming future, you might not need to interact with your phone screen or a keyboard when you want to input as this wearable keyboard strap allows you to type on any tactile surface by converting your finger movements into specific key presses.

Tap is completely different from a laser projected keyboard. It looks like a string-equivalent of brass knuckles made up of soft nylon fabric. You wear it like a glove by passing your fingers through loops and type with the help of various gestures.

The five fingers are assigned to vowels, you can single tap on any surface and will see the alphabet appear on the screen. Beyond these five letters, you will have to memorize different gestures for each letter. You can also punctuate and type in special characters using these gestures. A set can be used for faster two-handed typing.

According to the company, there are total 31 gestures that you will need to memorize and the device has an accuracy of 99%.

It looks like it is going to be a long learning curve. However,  Tap comes with several apps and games that will guide you through the process and help you progress in tapping.

This device can serve as a great alternative for typing in virtual reality headsets. Anyone who has typed in a VR Box will know the struggle of looking at each individual character on screen for seconds to type. Now by wearing the Tap you can easily type in and navigate in VR by tapping on any surface.

Image by CNET

The Tap uses Bluetooth connectivity, therefore, can be connected to any type of computer or mobile that supports HID keyboard. This will also overcome the problem of typing in smart watches and heads-up displays.

According to the founder of the company, Ran Poliakine, this device is not only limited to typing, you can also use it to play games and music on digital devices. His son uses it to play Minecraft. The device can also be used as a mouse as the thumb loop houses a haptic motor and a sensor.

Ran Poliakine is well-known for wireless charging technology found in Apple and Samsung devices which uses power-mat to charge up the phone.

The beta version of the Tap has already been sent out to the developers. It has a price tag of $130 and will start shipping in December. You can also pre-order it now from their website.

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