Swish Swash Sweep off dirt, with the best vacuum cleaners of 2017!

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Vacuum Cleaners made life easy by warding off the aftermath sneezing, doing the dusting job in effectively less time and made life easy for all those neat freaks out there. However, getting the best vacuum cleaner to carry out the daily monotonous routine of dusting can be an arduous task, when you have a variety of options to choose from. But we made the job easy for you by shortlisting the top ten vacuum cleaners this year, so that you can buy what suits your house and pocket best!

Yet, before that we would like to point out, how to characterize a good vacuum cleaner. Classified as cordless and corded, which are further subdivided into bagless or with bag and upright or cylinder vacuum cleaners. We tend to discuss them below, however, leave it up to you to determine what suits you best considering your environment and need.

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor

Starting off with the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor all new, eco-friendly sibling to the company’s popular Big Ball vacuum (also in this list). Bagless with 1.6 liter capacity, 9.4m for greater reach and 40% quieter (shhhh). Fantastic performance with 700W motor, it works well on both carpet and hard floor. Not really a pet focused vacuum but meh! It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver around the house easily getting into all the nooks and crooks. All this, and at under £200, it’s one of Dyson’s most affordable models yet.



Dyson V8 Absolute

Standing in a league beyond that of its rivals, the V8 is the best of the best you can get. However, with very best, you pay a very best price too; its only drawback. Being the golden standard for the vacuum cleaners its larger capacity allows twice the running time of your usual cleaner. Pretty light and easy to use, it comes with a large bin; it gets easier to empty tanks. And when you are done, it clips into the neat wall dock to charge, so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.

 Sebo Airbelt E1 Pet

One of the finest vacuums; cylindrical and bagged at that! 1200W motor and S-class dust filtration coupled with 3kg / 7.5kg with hose and head attached, specifically designed to rid one of pet hair and the grubby dirt they carry along. Performs brilliantly and exceptionally quite vac, plus doesn’t take much space. Excellent to use on steps and you can get one for 259 pounds.


Dyson V6 Fluffy

A modern class cordless cleaner, with a fluffy head as the name suggests, is one perfect choice too for a compact vacuum. Has a mini pet hair cleaning head & two crevice tools and a Cordless stick vacuum with 20-minute run time. Much of its design is based on cordless V6; however this is a versatile cleaner, too. You can detach the long metal hose to convert it into a handheld, and there’s a handy motorized head for removing pet hair from sofas, beds and your car. If you can bear the price (350 pounds) this is the best cordless vac for you!

Dyson DC41 Mk2 Animal

One can’t get enough of Dyson, another one the chart is this ultimate uptight vacuum cleaner. Having 1-litre bagless dust bin and Dyson Ball head, handheld Tangle-Free Turbine tool for pet hairs and automatic head adjustment, makes it easy to move around. The handheld tool makes it super-easy to get clean pet hair from stairs, sofas, car boots and everywhere between. The easy maneuver options sets it apart from all the vacuums so far, so if you looking for some easy handling, this is your catch.


Shark NV680UKT

This all-rounder versatile vacuum can suit almost any house and anyone’s needs. Featuring corded upright vacuum cleaner with lift-off and carry main body and 1-litre dust bin. It works effectively on carpets and edge cleaning, handy with steps too. It comes with an excellent range of tools, including a small turbo brush for spot-cleaning stairs, sofas and other furniture, and a dedicated hard floor attachment with a microfibre cleaning pad. So go grab yours for 300 pounds!


Miele Complete C3 Total Solution PowerLine

Pretty similar to the Cat and Dog feature this vacuum possesses 11-stage dust filtration system, EU “A rating” for exhaust dustSeal-sealing and HyClean GN dustbags. The 11- stage dust pollen filter makes it ideal for allergy sufferers, as it retains up to 99.9% of dust and pollen. Pretty effective for the pet owners; therefore order yours for 300 pounds.




Dyson D75 Cinetic Big Ball Animal

And getting back to Dyson; the vacuum is bagless and filter-less with 2.18-litre dustbin capacity and a splendid 25-metre reach. Quite powerful and the most effective uptight cleaner so far, devouring anything that comes in its path, giving your floors and carpets a pristine look. Very little maintenance is required, but the drawback is its weight. It’s the heaviest vac by Dyson so far, weighing about 8.7kilograms. So think if you wanna buy this, and get it for 399 pounds.



Gtech AirRam Mk2

Featuring on number 9 on our review charts, this cordless little stick vacuum has a 40 minutes battery life, motorized brush bar for beating up dirt and 0.8-litre dust bin. Probably not enough to replace your conventional vac, but perfect if you want a second nifty dirt sucking sidekick, provided you already own one with cords and attachments. Gliding on 4 wheels it’s lighter than most uptight vacs. Its lack of cords and attachments is kind of a drawback, but other than that you are good to go!

Dyson Ball Multi-Floor Upright Vacuum

Best for those who value high ratings; this vacuum covers up for the loopholes left by Shark Rotator. Perfect for sealing in suction across a wide variety of carpets and hardwood flooring, it’s a blessing for those who struggle with pet hair. The easily released suction wand, allows quick cleaning under the furniture and on high places. The compact design is perfect for household and very handy for quick instant cleaning.

That brings an end to the top ten list; stay tuned for more such updates, because we know how choices can make one befuddled.

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