Stringbike: A revolution in Bicycle industry using ropes and pulley drive system

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Stringbike Kft is a Hungarian company where the designers brought up a new kind of a bicycle. A chain-less bicycle by introducing the ropes thus making it noiseless and greaseless. This not only makes it easy to use but also economical as far as its maintenance is concerned.

Stringbike is a bicycle which has been designed using ropes and pulley drive system which has totally replaced the conventional chain and sprockets drive system. The company unveiled these bicycles for the first time in Padova, Italy.

The pedals of the bicycle have a unique lever and cam mechanism on both the sides which due to their swinging motion transfers the power to the wheels using a special rope. This special kind of rope is known as Dyneema rope which is attached to the swinging levers on both sides thereby assisting the transmission of the drive.

There is a big question that comes to one’s mind while introducing such a revolution and breaking the stereotyped chained drive. The question is, “Will ropes be more drive efficient as compared to the chain drive?” The answer to this question is that rope drive will technically be more efficient as compared to its chain counterpart. That does not mean at all that chain drives are not efficient. They are also highly efficient but the difference between both is more academic and not practical. The efficiency of new, well maintained and unused chains is comparable with the efficiency of ropes but in case of used and worn chains, these ropes are more efficient due to their rolling movement.

Stringbike is equipped with smartly designed 10-speed gears in the pedal assembly. And the best part of the new design of gear system is that there exists no slippage while changing the gear ratios. In total, the gear system has about 19 gear ratios and a total gear range of 3.5 to 1. The gear ratios can very easily be changed using the gear shifting knob which has been placed on the handle grip located at the right-hand side of the bicycle. Another feature that has been added to this bike is that the gears can even be easily changed while the bicycle is stationary.

StringbikeKft has taken the initiative of designing an accessory of this bike for those who cannot ride the bike. People in wheelchairs can also enjoy the riding experience by attaching the add-on gear. This add-on gear is known as Hand Bike Push Pull Dock. The biggest advantage of this dock is that it has a classic bicycle handle which not only gives a bicycle ride feeling but also eliminates the uncertainty factors while using.

It can easily be installed with an existing wheelchair. One can easily leave outside the front portion like normal bikes while shopping and when you want to re-connect it, just straightaway take the wheelchair near the bike portion and simply insert the male and female portions of the joint securing it with a pivot pin.

The drive system has a push-pull mechanism that has a rowing-like motion while driving. It gives power in both the motions i-eduring the push as well as pull, therefore making it easy to drive even when static.Even the 19- distinct gear system has been incorporated in its design to easily adjust the push and pull force as per an individual’s requirement. This feature has been added for people suffering from back pain due to curved spines. The gears can also be easily changed as they have been placed on the handlebar.

Stringbike has also given the wheelchair people much cleaner riding and driving experience as in case of chains, clothes at times used to get dirty with grease and oil whenever touched. But since no oil and grease is used in Stringbikes, therefore it is much safer and cleaner to handle not only by people in a wheelchair but by all.

The turning radius of chained cycles is much more as compared to these bikes. This is because of the conventional chain and gear accessories which not only add to the overall weight but also makes the drive a bit uneasy and difficult. One cannot take sharp turnings on chained bikes but on theStringbike, sharp turns are no problem anymore. Turning around a sidewalk can be easily achieved by using small push and pull movements of the handle.

The design is so user-friendly that the wheel does not influence the movement and position of the handle. The handle can easily drive the wheel with a to and fro or push and pull movement.  The frame weighs approximately 3.9 Kgs in total.

After the success of their first bike, Stringbike Kft has introduced different variants of their first design by changing and modifying features. Some of the major versions of their bikes are mentioned in detail:

  1. E-Line “E” stands for Excellence. These bikes have a Carbon frame which is driven by very soft lines to give a comfortable and smooth ride. It has some special accessories attached to it which not only promise an eye-catching look but also gives a special riding experience.


  1. A-Line “A” stands for All-Round. These bikes are made of Aluminium and have a curved frame in classic black or white color. They are also available in a stylish tattooed design. Its colorful strings and timeless form gives it a unique look. Its price varies between USD 1299 to USD 1735 as per variations in the model.


  1. S-Line “S” stands for Single Speed. This line of Stringbikes have been made after being inspired by the metropolitan trend.It is equipped with an efficient brakes system and a “manual gearbox”.The gear shifter in this line has been removed however gears can be changed manually by pulling or pushing the pulley up or down when the bike is stationary. These bikes are available upto the range of USD 1090.


  1. D-Line“D” stands for Designers Limited Edition. If looks could kill, these bikes would do it! They are a beauty and a must-have for all bike lovers and users alike. They are custom made and are pre-ordered. These limited edition bikes are inspired by fashion brands. Apart from some of the versions being pre-ordered, the price range is between USD 1386 to USD 1909.

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