Starbucks Going Big in Chicago

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Roastery in Seattle Paves Way for Mega Coffee House

When you hear the word ‘coffee’ and it makes you happy, brings a smile on your face or just makes you want to have it, you are a true coffee lover. Most people would agree that coffee is the king of hot beverages. The way it tastes, the way it feels going down, the whole ritual around drinking coffee, whether brewing it at home or sitting in a coffee house with a hot cuppa and a friend to catch up with is amazing.

There are a gazillion coffee brands out there, though some are better and more popular than others. The coffee industry is huge and is slowly growing around the world, with coffee getting more popular than tea, especially among youngsters. When we say coffee, there are some names that pop up in our head immediately. Starbucks is one such brand.

Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. The company was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971. The number of locations worldwide have reached 25,734, including 13,277 in the United States alone.

The hubbub recently is Starbucks’s upscale new location opening in 2019 in Chicago. It is planned to be a four-story, 43,000 square-foot roastery and will be the third of its kind in the US. A second giant roastery will be opened in New York in 2018 as well.

Starbucks opened its first roastery in Seattle, Washington, in 2014. It is an eye-catching outlet due to its size. But that is not all. The inside is even more amazing than the outside. It is definitely not the average coffee house and not even the normal Starbucks. This place is a coffee lover’s heaven. Freshly roasted beans sit in gleaming copper containers, ready to be ground and brewed. Small batches of coffee are roasted live in-house. High-pressure tubes transfer the beans from the roaster to the containers, coffee silos, and bags ready to be sold across the world.

When we say it is a coffee lover’s heaven, it isn’t just because of great coffee. The roastery allows its customers to have a look at the whole coffee making process first hand, from the raw beans to the final simmering and tasty cup of Joe in your hand. It also demonstrates different methods of making coffee to its keen customers. Apart from selling coffee, this enormous coffee house and roastery is also a Starbucks tasting center. New flavors and lines of coffee are first served here to customers to gauge popularity and response before being rolled out to other Starbucks locations around the world. It sells Starbucks merchandise. It even has a library! You can meet with your pals there or simply use it for business meetings.

The enormity of the place alone is enough to take away your breath and get you excited to try out all the available goodies. The aroma wafting off all the roasted and brewed coffee will grip your senses. This place is a huge success and one of the most compelling reasons why Starbucks is investing in more such locations around the country. Starbucks has plans to open 6 such locations around the United States.


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