Star Wars’ Dejarik holochess AR game will now be a reality

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Good news for all Star Wars fans. Remember the demo of the augmented reality game Dejarik holochess from Star Wars that was displayed at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2017? Well seems like that wasn’t just any other tech demo. But, in fact. Wait. Brace yourself for this. Disney has announced that Dejarik holochess AR game will soon become a reality.

The American mass media conglomerate is all set to create a platform that will bring the Star Wars very own board game, Dejarik holochess to life through augmented reality stimulation along with its other future projects.

And all fellow Jedis will only require two things to be able to enter the augmented world of Star Wars – an AR headset and a smartphone. Yes, it would be just that simple. Apart from Apple, Disney has also paired up with Lenovo that will be responsible to roll out the AR headsets.

With the help of a range of applications, the holochess game will let animated, holographic monsters surface on top of the table. It will also enable a battle in which AR Rebel cartoon characters will fight against an AT-AT.

These particular apps will be available under the name Jedi Challenges. And if that doesn’t excite all Jedis out there, then this will. The AR game will also probably enable you to use lightsaber from a training remote in the face off against bolts, just like Luke Skywalker! Now isn’t that exciting? Although not much has been said on that front as of yet, but it is highly likely that lightsaber would be a feature in the new Dejarik holochess AR game.

But Disney is all set to test our patients as no release date has yet been announced. However, with the rise of AR and VR games in the wake of technological advancement, combining the two will only result in profits for the mas media giant. Let’s face it, the cult-following that Star Wars has garnered over the years is enough to make this tech game an immense success as soon as it releases.

Everything that the Star Wars franchise chooses to spread its magic on, from movies to toys and now the very recent Star Wars hotel at the theme park titled Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that will soon open for Jedis, becomes an immense success story; sometimes even before it comes to existence. Disney’s latest offering of the series in 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awaken went on to rake in the highest box office earnings at $2.066 billion.

So when it comes to an AR game, it will after all be Star Wars fans chance to immediately become an active citizen of the galaxy and fight bolts in their quest to save the galaxy. What more could one ask for!

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