Star Wars Battlefront II : Major Improvements

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Who didn’t want to see all the eras of Star War movies in the Star Wars video game? They listened and significantly changed the Star Wars Battlefront to accommodate this under a new title dubbed Star Wars Battlefront II. This would just be available until the next month since there would be a new update coming in the form of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi as part of the free after the release updates.


There was much anticipation regarding this, but DICE and EA were quick on their parts to let the public know what the upcoming “The Last Jedi Season” would consist of. If you are a hardcore multiplayer lover, then you are lucky that most of the changes would be available to you. The first change would be coming at on December 5.

This would enable you to select a side from First Order or the New Republic. Moreover, there would be further additions too over the next couple of weeks in the form of complete special faction.

Bear this in mind, that even if you are free to choose from any, but whatever choice you make matters, since whatever the rewards you are given after finishing these quests, these will only be for the factor you choose, so choose wisely!

For those who longed for new heroes and maps, their wish would be fulfilled by December 13th. These new heroes are named Finn and Captain Phasma and the new maps would be dubbed planet Crait and D’Qar for the Galactic Assault and Starfighter Assault respectively.

Furthermore, the best thing is that the update isn’t limited to just these, but expect new challenges and quests spread over the December. If you want to have a glance at the exact schedule see the image below.


For the single-players out there, the update features a new mission. So far, not much information could be gathered regarding it, but all we know is that this would allow the protagonist Iden Versio to be controlled. This will be possible “during the days of the First Order’s rise to power”. The mission would be made available to you on December 13th and would be called as the Resurrection.

The movie Last Jedi is itself expected to be released officially in the theatres worldwide on December 15. There would although be a few screenings somewhere on the previous day to its worldwide release. The best thing is that all of the Last Jedi themed content would be available without a cost like it will also be the case with all the Battlefront II DLC. For the compensation part, EA would do that by granting micro transactions, which have been a source of controversy on their own.

The Battlefront II would be released across PS4 and Xbox One on November 17. For those who want to play it on their PC’s, they can do so through an Origin/Steam Access.

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