Special Edition One Plus 6 RED – “The Red You Need”

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Like the special edition Apple iPhone 7 (Product) RED, One Plus is also going to reveal its limited edition One Plus 6 in red color. These limited editions One Plus 6 phones are expected to be available from 10th of July. In case, you wish to pre-order, you can do so right now since pre-orders have already started since 2nd July.

While the iPhone 7 (Product) RED was available all over the world, this phone from One Plus is only available in North America and Europe. This particular One Plus 6 has an attractive shiny Red color, and with a glossy finish, the phone, without doubt, boasts a premium look. This is also because the color seems to be bright rather than dull.

As for the price tag, you would have to spend $579 or £519 depending on your location to get your hands on the 128 GB One Plus 6. You can buy the One Plus 6 in the usual color offered by cell-phone companies i.e. Black with either a matte or glossy finish. Therefore this, the new color approach makes the One Plus rather unique and different. This point is mentioned by the One Plus co-founder, Carl Pei, who stated that this is the “boldest design” ever adopted by the company.

The only difference between this limited edition and the normal ones is the color; All other specifications are identical to regular models. Therefore, expect the same Snapdragon 845 chipset, dual-rear cameras, and a 6.28 inches OLED Display on this beast. There is also a similar notch on the top of the panel like the Apple iPhone X, the LG G7 or the Essential Phone.

In case you are wondering how One Plus managed the phone to be all RED, i.e. even the sides, the buttons, the frame, or the alert slider, then the secret is quite simple. The translucent orange glass panel was mixed with a red base layer to create this amazing masterpiece. The only thing which isn’t red is the gold accent given to the One Plus logo, around the fingerprint sensor, the rear camera lens and the “Design by One Plus” branding.

Like the One Plus has stated in its tweet, the One Plus 6 is really “The Red You Need”.

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