SpaceX: Elon Musk plans for space trips to Mars

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SpaceX, CEO Elon Musk, has announced the breakthrough innovation of technology in the last day of International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia. He discussed his BFR project and highlighted on the usage of technology to revolutionize the world.

His statements were clear enough to show his upcoming project to Mars because of his interest in off space traveling.

He has aimed through BFR to design a single booster and ship that could change the company’s Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon. The project will utilize all the resources that are currently employed in three different projects.

With the completion of BFR, it could initiate the launching of satellites and space telescopes and can further assist in the cleaning of space debris. Not only this, it will further be efficient enough of curtailing with the International Space Station (ISS) delivery of cargo. Most worth mentioning is the space trips to build up colonies other than the Earth.

SpaceX’s Super rocket (BFR)

Trip to Mars

Mars being the hottest and the red planet had never any hopes for colonization. Elon Musk announced for his colonization plans in 2024. Musk’s exploration company Space X, unveiled its plans for creating a base at Mars through a reusable rocket which can travel at a speed of 27,000 kilometers per hour (16,777 mph).

Space X revealed the next episode of the thrill for the people by telling about his establishment of the base on the moon. Two cargo missions will be sent to space for locating water and establish power and place infrastructure.

First humanly trip will depart in 2024. These human travelers would be able to establish solar- powered plant, whose produced propellant will carry humans back to earth. Interestingly, these rockets can be reused due to its vertical landing. Elon Musk claimed that he would make possible for millions of people to land space by 2060.

Daily Mail

The rockets would require lesser quantity of gravity to launch in orbit due to the low gravitational force at Mars, Musk stated that spacecraft would not have energy (fuel) to return back to earth, for this it will be essential for it to use synthesize fuel out of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and water from the ice present under the surface to produce oxygen and methane rocket fuel..

He claims that with the passage of time, a space city inhabited by human life would start on the planet, Mars, that would be a good place to live.


Elon Musk claimed that the BFR will carry 100 passengers in each and number of equipment and is highly expected and aimed to be launch in 2022 for the first cargo missions. Whereas, SpaceX would start their working in the next coming year.

He further added that SpaceX could consume the rocket for the traveling of inter cities and intercontinental flights’ time will not be more than half an hour.

He was confident enough to build a landing base on the moon and showed remorse in his IAC presentation for not have been built until now. He acknowledged that humans will reap numerous advantages from the multi-planet project instead of being confined to a single planet.

He planned further to send astronauts to Mars with two crewed BFRs, which is anticipated to initiate within next 9 months. The settlers reaching first would work for the building of Martian city. It has many more plans in the pipeline ranging from a number of landing pads, transforming to an urban environment.

Though Musk’s plans are quite daring and require smart planning from a person like him it still lacks in the practical considerations for settling life beyond Earth. The hypothesized Mars needs to be built with adequate food supplies and other essentials.

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