SONY’s E3 presentation: More exclusives and If lucky, slight heads-up about Playstation 5

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World’s biggest gaming convention E3 2018 is only a week away with so many expectations and speculations that people are now looking forward to the conference more than ever. Many developers and publishers have their presentations scheduled for the event, the presentation we are looking, and the focus of the rest of the article is SONY’s presentation that is scheduled towards the end of the event.

SONY has been ahead of other companies that present in E3 for last two years, with so many games from its first-party developers like Naughty Dog and the licenses of early contents from the third party developers like Activision. PlayStation 4 outclassed its rivals due to better exclusives such as the recent release of God of War from SONY’s first party developer Santa Monica studios, which has been both critically acclaimed and loved by the fans. On account of such a huge success of PlayStation 4 and the last E3 conferences, SONY will be presenting at a premium ahead of its Rivals.

We have compiled a list of confirmed games, rumored games, and updates on PS5 that may be the part of SONY’s presentation.

The last of us part 2

The last of us part 2 is the sequel of the game that was called the best game ever created due to the storytelling and the more than real relationship of Joel and Ellie (Main characters). It is expected that the Part 2 would continue the story of the game that is what the trailer is suggesting. The game is rumored to be in the last stages of the development, the major chunk of SONY’s presentation will be on this game according to SONY. The game is a third person action adventure game that is based on a post-apocalyptic world. The release date of the game is not announced yet, but the game is expected to be released during PlayStation Experience (PSX) later this year.

The trailer of the game looks awesome, and the Naughty Dog the developer of the game has deployed the team that made Uncharted series a huge success in its production making the success of the game predictable. However, we are looking forward to the game, and the detailed review will be up as soon as it releases.

Ghost of Tsushima

SONY has always been true to its roots, every year we see a game that is based on the history of JAPAN or developed in JAPAN as an exclusive for SONY’s consoles. Ghost of Tsushima is one such game that is developed by Sucker Punch Productions, which developed infamous: first light game in 2014, since then there was no word about what is the studio doing until 2015 when SONY revealed that it is working on a game that is playable now. In Paris games week they revealed the trailer of the game, it is a third person action adventure game that is based on the Samurai theme.

The game is set in the time when the island of JAPAN Tsushima was under attack by the Mongol empire. You play the role of the Samurai turned into a vengeful assassin. As SONY announced, this game would be one of the highlights of the presentation we are expecting it will show the gameplay, maybe a mission to give us an idea of the gameplay.

Marvel’s Spider-man

            Insomniac is a well-known studio that makes Marvel’s games, its most recent game is a PS4 exclusive Marvel’s Spiderman. The game has been in the news since the earlier gameplay was released. The game tries to collide the personal life of peter parker and his Superhero life, we’ll see how they go for this approach, but the premise looks awesome. The graphics are a step up from the older games from insomniac, there were some questions about how the original PS4 would handle the game as all the demos and gameplays were shown in PS4 Pro, Insomniac answered that the game looks equally good in PS4, Ratchet & Clank the other Insomniac game was the example they gave to answer the questions of the fans. This game is going to be in focus throughout the presentation, but not much is left to show out.

The game as mentioned earlier tries to focus on the collision of Peter’s two lives, it is set in the time eight years after he became Spider-Man and he is pretty much settled in the job. The story unfolds when he gets to know that the leader of the Inner Demons is a philanthropist Martin Li and Aunt May works for him. The story we know so far shows great promise; we hope that SONY surprises the fans with a release earlier than the September release date.

Death Stranding

            Death Stranding has been one of the most anticipated games since 2016 when its trailer was launched, the game that stems from SONY’s studio Hideo Kojima productions, it has been in works for quite a long time now, with three trailers on the back that have created much hype for the game. It is one of those games that will be the main focus of SONY’s presentation. The game is as mysterious as all the trailers they rolled out, with many bizarre things like a baby that’s in the box, Kojima said that the baby had its certain role in the plot.

The trailers have shown some information about the game mainly the rain called “Timefall” that ages the person exposed to it and deteriorates it in a matter of seconds. According to Kojima’s recent tweet, they are working on another trailer of the game for E3; they also showed a cryptic image from the trailer. There has already been a lot of trailers of the game; we hope to see the actual gameplay, a glimpse of plot or at least how the UI works. We’ll see how it goes.

The rumored titles

These titles above were the main focus of the SONY’s presentation as It announced earlier, but there are many speculations about the other games that might be the part of the presentation, here is a brief intro of those games:

Image: gamerant
Image: gamerant

CAPCOM has recently started working on a new game; they updated their servers that is required whenever a new game starts production, they recently registered a domain for their new game. CAPCOM’s partnership with SONY to release games for SONY’s console earlier than any other device has created some rumors about a sequel of one of their most acclaimed game series Devil May Cry. It could be a spinoff from the other titles in the series or the sequel of the main story by the name of Devil May Cry 5. There hasn’t been much information about it yet, but we will inform our readers about this as soon as we get something onboard.

Image: Gamepur
Image: Gamepur

After a huge success of the first game in the Battle Royale Genre PUBG from the Tencent games on Xbox One and PC, we are expecting that it will make its way to PS4 to increase the community that plays the game. The game has been patched with a lot of improvements and fixes. We hope to see the trailer of the game in E3 2018 with the immediate release of the game for PS4.

Image: Daily Express
Image: Daily Express

We have seen that SONY is making many remasters or remakes from its games from the consoles that became huge successes. Many PS2 titles made their way towards PS4 one such title that is confirmed to release later this year is Spyro: Reignited Trilogy. It may get some screen time during the conference.

Apart from them, we are hoping to see the remakes of the games for PS VR these games include the critically acclaimed horror action game Resident Evil 2 and Bioshock Resurgence that is a first-person action shooter game. Both will at least have a trailer if not anything else.

PlayStation 5 updates

The most exciting topic related to SONY’s E3 conference was whether we would see something about the much-rumored PS5 or anything related to it. SONY announced a few days back that PS4 is entering the last stages of its production that also led to more rumors about PS5, although SONY already said that the presentation would only be about the games no hardware is intended to be revealed during the conference. But this does not mean that SONY will forget about this, as the new rumors suggest that PS5 is now in the early stages of productions towards the end of their presentation. We are expecting that SONY will tell at least they are working on a new hardware related project. The more trusted rumor suggests that the information will be given during SONY’s event that is designated for PlayStation only the PlayStation Experience.


SONY has so much to announce and reveal during their presentation, a head start due to their earlier conferences and games that revealed this year and the fans are eager to get something about PS5 from E3. We sure are looking forward to the conference that is scheduled for Monday 11th June 5, 2018, at 9 pm ET. We will also cover the whole E3 event so, stay tuned for more updates.


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