Sony’s 3D App, a breakthrough in mobile creativity

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3D picture is not something that is new to the world. With the 3D printers in tow the task has been a reality for quite some time now. Even certain apps have been released so far that convert your mobile gallery photos into 3D form.

However, none so far has been successful to use a mobile camera to form a 3D clone, until 3D creator, an App in Sony’s latest phones happened!

Previously, a few apps were known to iPhone to represent virtual reality and 3D artforms. What they do is, simulates an environment through a computer or a special camera to immerse the user in an experience of which he is part of. This way it seems like you are in another reality. Similarly, Google was not back in the race and introduced its own 3D apps.

The 3D camera App and the Relievos in Apple store are one of the most featured apps. Working on iOS 4 and above, Relievos gives your photos a 3D make over. Whereas the 3D camera allows you to create full 2D and 3D pictures but works a bit different from the former.

However, what Sony just introduced, is bound to give both the Apple and other smartphone markets, a tough time. Their ultimate 3D creator app is something completely off the hook and is raising curiosity among fans to no limits. The 3D creator captures the pictures from your Sony cell phone and then converts it into 3D avatars!!

Added to this, you do not need a Wi-Fi or a scanner to make this possible. Just a simple scan from the phone camera and see the magic unfold. How you go about this is you take the phone and scan the object or the person of whom the 3D model is to be prepared for 15 to 60 seconds using the mobile camera.

The App with its four inbuilt scanning modes; face, head, freeform and food, you’ll get the best possible quality.

It acts like a sculpturing tool, you get an exact replica of the object you want and with the added features of editing and saving them. Some special tools in the app lets you play with the 3D model, for example the morph tool. You can replace some part of the model with something and enjoy the results.

Once the model is formed it can be rotated and zoomed in to get further details and extract precise measurements. This certainly would be an edge for the engineering fields where modelling is one of the essentials.

Another cool thing that the app allows you to do is to place your models in the real world. This achieved by using 3D integration in AR effect. This allows the user to see how the object looks in the real world from every angle.

While this may all seem too nerdy and related to architecture, modelling and stuff. The app has got your back with its amazing AR avatars. This allows you to see your face (3D model) to be placed on another body. You get to choose from a variety of avatars and see how they look around in space!

If this didn’t get up on your feet, wait till you bring these models to life. You can 3D print your models and even make them edible. Either 3D print them at home or connect with professional 3D printing companies for quick and easy online printing.

The news of Sony launching the app first appeared on BBC. It can be said that the App is going to be tough compete for Apple and Google and since Sony already declared that 3D scanning algorithm uses powerful processors, hence the app would only we available on the latest Sony smartphones.

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