Sony to reveal PS5 Price and Preorders on September 10, hints retailer

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Sony is finally launching the PS5 we have all been waiting for. However, the company has not made any revelations regarding the release date and price since the console’s reveal. Regardless of the fact that they scheduled an assigned week for PS VR announcements, they are firm on not disclosing any details or news regarding the long-awaited PS5.

The 10th of September 

There is some bad news for Sony and some great news for their fans. The company has not been successful in keeping the information under wraps. Game Guildford, a famous UK retailer, recently let the cat out of the bag by disclosing that a surprise reveal is scheduled for the 10th of September. Similar rumors were in the air for a week which has now been confirmed by Game Guildford.

PS5’s Price Leak Tweet

GAME Guildford posted a tweet which addressed the people who wanted to pre-order PS5. It told them to keep a lookout for updates since the PS5 had an announcement ready for Wednesday, 9th of September. The date also coincides with the 25th anniversary of the launch of the original PlayStation. The tweet had later been deleted, however, the screenshots captured can be seen below.

PS5 Price Leak Tweet
PS5 Price Leak Tweet

Something we still wonder is that why did Game Guildford initially post a tweet regarding something so confidential and then later delete it. Some questions remain unanswered. But, that is not important at the moment.

Why you should expect a surprise event soon regarding the PS5?

Coincidence or not, but it definitely makes sense for the company to reveal all the important information about the PS5 on the 25th anniversary of its first-ever original PlayStation. Moreover, announcing the release date a month later wouldn’t be a smart move anyways! This gives us more reason to believe the tweet by Game Guildford.

Furthermore,  this revelation is believable because an announcement in October would be too close to the actual November release date. Hence, we have all the reasons to believe that the company would be surprising us with some exciting and significant news on an anticipated day.

PS5 and The latest Xbox Consoles

There isn’t much time for us to figure out whether the rumor is true or not, but we have our hopes high and are expecting a revelation on how much the PS5 will cost. The prices for Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X had been revealed a day earlier. The consoles cost $299 and $499, respectively. Additionally, the release of information regarding the cost for the latest Xbox consoles and PS5 on almost similar dates have caused people to be even more excited and curious.


The price is definitely something that all PlayStation 5 fans are waiting to know. The actual question is whether Sony will set the PS5’s price lower than what Microsoft set for Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. This is will help the customers make a better decision. Although, it seems unlikely that the PS5 would be priced lower than the Series S or Series X.

However, for PlayStation geeks, the price difference might not even be something of importance. All these questions and predictions might be answered on the 9th of September, so keep a lookout.


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