Sony teases potential PlayStation 5 reveal event for next week

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2020 is going to be a massive year for gaming for a number of reasons. There are tons of massive new games that have already been announced for this year. However, the biggest gaming event of 2020 will definitely be the release of next gen consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. While Microsoft surprised everyone by revealing the Series X at The Game Awards, we have yet to see what the PlayStation 5 looks like.

Initially, it was thought that both Sony and Microsoft would be holding separate events in February or March of 2020 to reveal their next generation consoles. Microsoft has thrown the ball in Sony’s court though by going against the tradition and now Sony has to react swiftly.

However, it seems like Sony did anticipate Microsoft’s move as rumors have already started to come out about a potential early reveal for the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 event potentially teased by Sony

Sony skipped E3 2019 which, in hindsight, was a smart move since the company didn’t have many new things to show anyway. However, that doesn’t mean that Sony doesn’t have any games in store for 2020. The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima are two of the most hyped games coming this year with more announcements possibly on the way at E3.

In terms of launching PlayStation 5 though it seems like Sony is about to reveal the next generation console as early as next week. While we didn’t get any rumors or leaks about this reveal, a tease from Sony points towards it. Sony has updated its official website in anticipation for CES 2020. However, the entire vibe for Sony’s promotions for CES is not what the company has done traditionally.

Sony CES playstation 5

Instead, it resembles what Sony did right before launching the PlayStation 4. For instance, the words “The future is coming” point towards something big and the whole color scheme and font of the message seems to point towards a link with the PlayStation brand.

Whether revealing the PlayStation 5 at CES 2020 is going to be a good choice or not, is another story. Usually, Sony doesn’t really bring its PlayStation brand for CES and focuses more on its televisions, phones and other electronic products. However, revealing the PlayStation 5 at CES would be a massive power move by the company which would probably catch everyone off guard, similar to what Microsoft did at The Game Awards.

PlayStation 5 controller design leaked after a patent application by Sony

On the other hand, the PlayStation 5 could get drowned out by hundreds of other products at CES and may not get as much press coverage. Obviously, Sony would know about it and maybe, revealing a console at one of the biggest consumer electronics events in the world wouldn’t turn out to be a bad move at all.

The official PlayStation twitter hasn’t tweeted anything about the event either though and there doesn’t seem to be any indication of PlayStation presence at CES. Furthermore, game journalists might not be present at CES either since it heavily focuses on tech which is usually not closely related to games.

Xbox PS E3

So, for now, a PlayStation reveal next week still seems rather unlikely. Additionally, Sony still has plenty of time between now and E3 for a bigger, separate event. However, Microsoft could still be planning a second reveal event for greater details about the console before E3 so, Sony needs to stay on its toes and avoid getting caught off guard by team green again.

If Sony does reveal the PlayStation 5 next week though, it would definitely spice things up. Sony’s event at CES will take place on January 6, 2020 at 5 PM PST and we’ll surely keep an eye out for any potential reveals at the event so, stay tuned for CES coverage and more PlayStation 5 news!




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