Sony PS5 Pre-Orders about to start from tomorrow, New Tweet Suggests

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After the release of the Xbox Series X and Series S prices today. The PlayStation fans were as frustrated as they could be. However, a new tweet suggests that the wait for next-generation console prices could finally end soon. After a long time, we hear that sony is planning to reveal the price of their new consoles along with the start of preorders.

After a relatively big launch event and one of the most beautiful console unveils yet Sony went completely silent. We did not hear from the company in the last month either and they did not disclose any prices of the console. In addition after the event bigger and surprising GPU launch that NVIDIA pulled off, console players were worried more than ever. Will the new consoles justify their prices? is the RTX 3080 really the end of consoles? are some of the questions that popped instantly in the minds of people.

ps5 playstation 5

As it turns out consoles still have a fight left in them. Microsoft announces the Xbox Series and soon after we hear that sony is also dropping the prices of the new consoles anytime soon. In the recent happenings, UK tech retailer GAME spilled the tea about Sony’s new plans. The tweet by the Guildford branch of GAME hinted that Sony has a PS5 announcement scheduled for September 9th.

It said that the preorders of the console will go online from tomorrow which indirectly suggests that the final prices of the console will also drop with that. Along with the final prices, we can also expect any other additional information to drop by in the September 9 Event.

The Tweet:

We cant share the original tweet as it is deleted now but it read the following.

“Those awaiting preorders and have Ryi. Please standby for updates. PS5 have scheduled an announcement tomorrow so things are about to kick off this week.”

As we said the tweet is now deleted. There are a few reasons this brings hope to the tech community. First of All, September 9 is the 25th Anniversary of the Play Station the original first gaming console from Sony so it makes sense they do something big on the day. The date also aligns with our recent leaks from Reddit suggesting Sony’s big plans on the upcoming anniversary. It was a leak on message board 4Chan (Reddit) that highlighted this new date and said that a major PS5 event being scheduled for the 9th of September.

ps5 playstation 5

The recent rise in Sony’s marketing also suggests that they are planning for a launch soon. Sony released a television Ad recently to showcase the new features of the console. These include 3D Audio and the all-new DualSense controller with a ton of new features including haptic feedback. 4Chan also said that in addition to the pricing we will also get gameplay footage of ten new games coming to PS5.

We could also get a reveal of Call of Duty: Cold War multiplayer mode as well as trailers for Horizon Forbidden West. There is also a new PS5 Exclusive horror game in the rumors. We already have a rough idea for PS5’s pricing right now. Still, if you need a rough idea here are the figures for the all-new Xbox Series S. For the Series X however you will have to pay a little more. It comes with a price tag of 499 dollars going on sale from November 10th.





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