Sony announced the limited edition spider man bundle of PS4 Pro

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During the 2013 E3 conference SONY released the next generation of Play Station consoles the Play Station 4 that promised games at Full HD resolution and best graphics among the consoles. Three years later when the trend of the 4k gaming started SONY released the semi-successor of the PS4 and released the Play Station 4 Pro (code named NEO) console the first console to promise dynamic 4k gaming since true 4k requires brute graphical horsepower that was very expensive at that time.

PS4 became the most selling console due to superior hardware compared with the Xbox One and the library of exclusives which are increasing day by day. Before the release of PS4 pro, SONY had a habit of releasing the limited edition PS4 consoles that were specifically made whenever they release a new Exclusive title. After the release of the better version of PS4 SONY abandoned the release of the limited edition PS4 bundles and started releasing the limited edition PS4 Pro bundles and the best one yet is the God of War bundle do check it out if you want to upgrade.

If you are not into God of War and web-slinger spidey is one of your favorite superheroes than the release date of the Spiderman game developed by Insomniac studios is now only a bit more than a month as the release date is 7th September. Prior to that SONY just announced the limited edition PS4 Pro bundle of the Spiderman game which includes not only a flashy PS4 Pro and the physical copy of the game but also a few DLC vouchers. Most importantly the new device will cost the same amount of money that you need to spend if you want to buy a standard PS4 Pro bundle.

Now the question here is do you need a limited edition PS4 Pro bundle that looks very flashy, since you would need to spend at least 3 to 4 years with this that is what the average time a console spends in a house. If you have a PS4 in your house and a 4k TV with HDR capabilities and you want to upgrade then by every means get this one since it has its advantages over the standard PS4 Pro, and then you will be able to benefit from the improved hardware. If you are one of those households that still have a 1080p TV, then you would be better off with your standard PS4. You can order this console over the Playstation website    

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