Song Of The Deep – Review and Gameplay

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Song of the deep is an action and adventure 2D game developed by Insomniac Games and published by GameTrust Games. It was launched on 3rd July 2017 on all three major platforms including Microsoft Windows, XBOX One and Play Station 4.

Song of the deep is a single player control game. The story is based on a 12-year-old girl named ‘Merryn’. She loves her father who is a fisherman. One day her father goes missing at the sea where he fishes. She decides to go out finding her father in the depth of the oceans where he might be trapped.

She builds up a submarine from scratch and some other gears to go out and explore the ocean. Her father had told her many tales about the ocean, on her journey to find her father she finds out that many of those tales were actually true. She faces many frightening sea creatures and obstacles on her way.

It will take all her cleverness to disentangle the riddle of the hidden civilization beneath the waves, and hopefully to locate her missing father.

The Ocean is completely open to explore but there will be many enemies and hurdles in the way of Merryn. While she is solving riddles and overcoming obstacles, she once came across a path that is blocked by a whole sea of jellyfish and she couldn’t pass it until she finds a source of light for her submarine, finally, she finds a lamp and crosses the sea of jellyfish.

Then she finds a cave which leads to the city of hidden civilization but to enter the City she must open the gateway which is locked and she needs to find the key. Her submarine is also too big to fit into the cave which forces her to get into her diving costume and get out of the submarine, she only has a knife for her protection. This brings a twist in the game.

The Combats in the game are fairly simple as the game focuses towards exploration and solving puzzles. There are some really mind boggling puzzles that require patience and smartness to solve.

However, the end part of the game relies more on combat with some powerful version of enemies and sea creatures coming at you. You will have to unlock special moves and abilities of Merryn, you will also need to find equipment in order to successfully kill those sea creatures.

Merryn finally meets her father after defeating the final boss. The entire gameplay is six hours long. All through the gameplay, we are guided by a narrator, the voice over of the narrator is done by Siobhan Hewlett.

The Chief Creative Officer at Insomniac Games considered this game as a ‘passion project’. He wanted to create a heroine for her daughter which she can admire. He wanted the heroine to be different from those typical sexy, beautiful or badass instead he wanted a female hero with qualities like intelligence, creativeness and kindness.

Song of the deep is a small game developed by a small team of 15 people at Insomniac. The game has some decent visuals and over all experience of the game is excellent. It is a pretty good game for kids, as it teaches them to be creative, kind and have patience.

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