Social Media Giants know that Public may rant over famous apps updates but soon get used to it

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Most social media platforms release an update on a regular basis to facilitate their users. These updates are meant to bring in more relevant stuff to them. Some are even a result of constant public demand. Though most updates are welcomed by the end-users happily, some of them go down the other road. People are usually in disagreement with some updates but usually, they give in and later realize the importance of these updates.

Perhaps the most such controversial updates are usually released by Apple, and not so usually by Facebook and its other products, notably Whatsapp and Messenger. The latest amongst the tech-giants to critically be reviewed negatively based on their update is Snapchat. It has even caused some people to stop using the app altogether.

Snapchat’s new Friends page

Snapchat tried to make things better but instead, messed it all up. They shifted all the stories to the Friends page which can be accessed by swiping left on the camera screen. Before this, swiping left would lead to our ‘chats’ and right would take us to the stories our friends and celeb accounts had posted. Now, with the update, the friend’s stories and chats are all in one place, and on top of this, it has caused a lot of confusion.

You now have to press on the bubble next to the name, which is a circular preview to watch your friend’s stories. The update wasn’t very well received as some even compared it to cause more confusion that turning on your friend’s shower. Honestly, speaking with time people will realize the benefit of this update. First of all, all the celeb account have their stories now in the Discover section. This means, that you can see all the celebrities’ accounts’ stories under a single page. They won’t be in between now between your friends.

Moreover, having all the chats and stories together might actually turn out to be better. This is because you would simply avoid battery drainage when your camera opened unintentionally when you swiped from ‘chats’ to the stories section.  More importantly, you are able to have a more personalized experience than before.

Apple Updates notably iOS 11

Most Apple updates offer new features, but sometimes they also happen to be criticized. With iOS 11 the same thing happened as people started reporting battery problems. What people didn’t realize was that this happens with every major update for around a couple of days. This is because your phone has to index everything with such a switch from an older iOS version. But then came the Apple slowing down the phone cameo…

Yes, Apple did admit to slowing down iPhones, but it was for the greater good. This was for those phones on which battery life had decreased. Therefore, to save hardware from critical damage Apple had to take the initiative which leads to unexpected shutdowns. Now, that by iOS 11.3, the update would be giving a choice to its user from choosing whether to opt to risk your phone’s internals for rather a slowish (yet still not so much) performance or fast draining battery. People will soon realize what’s the better as they did with iOS 11 onwards.

iOS 11 Home Screen

iOS 11 was appraised for its control center after all. Finally, it could be customized and also had shortcuts for notes and voice recording etc. Furthermore, screen recording also made its debut which was popular especially amongst the developers. It was just a matter of time when an update picks up, and it is used by more than three-quarters of Apple users worldwide.  This was because the update added a tonne of other features as well which the public noticed after using their iPhones for a while after the update.

“Dieter Bohn of The Verge  liked the new Control Center setup, including customizable toggles and 3D Touch-expandable options, writing that “there are a few panels that I’m really impressed with”, specifically highlighting the Apple TV remote as a possible replacement of the normal remote.”

Facebook, Whatsapp, and Messenger have their stories on their own

When Facebook, Whatsapp, and Messenger each got their own stories like Snapchat has, people started to call them copy-cats. All of these apps are more than just posting your Stories on. The purpose for adopting this measure was quite different which the public realized later on. First of all, not everyone is on Snapchat. It comprises mostly of teens. Yet Whatsapp, Facebook, and Messenger are used nearly by every smartphone owner in the world.

Therefore, to cater to such people the stories feature was implemented so that they could also feel more connected to their colleagues and friends the way, the teens do over at Snapchat.

What can be seen from above is quite straightforward. The public is used to ‘cry’ about some update or another and that is their right no doubt. But what they don’t realize is, that these updates are released by the major tech-giants who have years of experience in the field. Not that they are infallible, but they do know what they are doing.


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