So cute to see people “Promposing” on Fortnite

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Fortnite, currently the most popular mobile game on the iOS platform is once again the center of news. It is common for multiplayer video games to offer a kind of interaction amongst its users. The same goes for Fortnite now.

Yes, it is true, and it goes without saying that it might even be a dream come true for many. When we say it, we mean it, since now you might be able to get a Prom Date with other gamers on the Fortnite platform as well.

You know what people are calling these Prom proposals? Promposals! I think everyone who has been through High School would be acquainted with the term. The term as describes by urbandictionary simply means the act of contriving an elaborate plan to increase your chances of getting at prom. That’s what people are doing here too.

Some people have shown their true genius by making up clever sings. Some of them even took the ordeal of chest looting with their prospective dates. Though the only difference between other promposals and in this scenarios is that all of this would be happening while you are playing the game.

There is a special Fortnite subreddit out there, where recently a one of a kind promposal surfaced, which is reckoned by many to be the best yet. This promposal was by some Navypython who happened to post it on his Reddit account. Trust me, you would be all like “Awww” when you are going to read what he did.

There are some thin walls that would appear in-game and what they did was shoot at those walls at specific places. Parts of the wall went off, and you know what was left behind? “Prom?” That’s so cute right! It doesn’t just stop here, but he even went on to answer a few questions about his post. He admitted that it took a total of 15 tries for them to land at “Wailing and Mistty” so that the thin walls would appear in front of them. Eventually, it paid off. If you are curious what was the answer to his prom date, then yes, she said “YES”.

He further explained that “We both knew we were going together but making a special way of asking is just a formality.”

There are many other instances of people taking the liberty of asking out on the Fortnite platform. As soon as the word got out, many people resorted to the same technique and promposed in a similar way. Where there were some unique ways, people were quick to copy those and do the same.

The thing is there is a bonus for this as well since you manage to stash some creativity points as well who do so. Whilst some high-schooler may be reluctant to go to Prom, this might actually turn out to be good for them since they can now ask out for prom in a unique and creative way. To lure them out to prom, there are now Videos on the internet which show people playing Fornite on their proms.

It goes without saying that Fortnite isn’t just a simple game now, but rather a kind of social platform as well.


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