Snow Storm Swallows Up Areas of North Carolina and Virginia

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Winter storms have been reported to have completely swallowed up regions in Virginia and North Carolina, with the roads being deemed completely impassible and too much frozen ice have sprouted up in every corner.

According to the National Weather Service, they have stated that as much as 6 inches of snow had accumulated just over night in the cities of Greensboro, Roxboro, and Winston-Salem.

They added that over in inch of snow had been increased in southeastern Virginia, and that snow as high as one foot may be reached in these regions quite soon.

Icy Warning

The majority of North Carolina has been under extreme caution and been issued a winter storm warning that is said to last until 7 in the evening.

The Highway Patrol of North Carolina has stated that at least 70 car accidents as a result from the harsh storm have occurred on the early morning of Saturday, and about 21,000 power outages are currently still enduring no electricity according to Duke Energy.

All residents have been urged not to be driving for the time being.

Matt Thomas, a resident presiding in Cornelius, just north of Charlotte stated that his plans for the week will include just sitting at home safely and entertaining himself with some television, as he had taken a ruler and measured the snow just outside his home, making a measurement of 6 inches of snow.

Doing What They Can

The manager of Public Hardware situated in Durham, North Carolina, Lauren Rathbone stated that as of Friday they had completely sold out on their sleds and with that came the excessive purchasing of bags of ice melt in order to be able to help make some roads passible.

Rathbone added that for now the residents rely on sleds and bags of ice melt, but later on once the temperature drops even further they’ll resort to kerosene heaters.

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