SmartDuvet: A bed that automates bedmaking and temperature control

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Gone are the days when your bed was just a simple piece of furniture for you to sleep on. The technology has changed course, and like smartphones, your bed too is getting smart. Yes, by smart, we mean the SmartDuvet Breeze.

Without having to throw away your old bed, you can easily convert the same to a SMART one courtesy SmartDuvet. It essentially enables your bed to be self-making and gets dual zone climate controlled automatically. For all those, who despise making up their bed in the morning, there is glad news that your bed would be automatically be able to do so. The benefit is a good night’s sleep without stressing about making up the bed in the morning.

You don’t have to worry if your country comes outside the production region, since SmartDuvet is being offered as international shipment. Not only this but it also included the necessary external power adapter for the country you are currently living. The estimated date of shipping is a disappointment though. You would have to wait until around December 2017 for it to arrive.

For the accuracy-minded, the SmartDuvet comes in five different dimensions. The Single/Twin one measures around 59” x 79” inches while the Full/Double Bed occupies 80”x80”inches. Moreover with the Queen Size option measuring  90”x88”, the King Size: 90”x102” and the California King: occupying  94”x104”, there are a plenty of options to choose from.

You can also set your own suitable temperature and the bed making time. There is an app available on your smartphone which enables you to set  these options just from your palm. You can always pre-heat or cool your bead ahead of your sleep time, to get the comfortable warmth or cold you always wanted. Moreover, you can also pre-set the bed making time, or you can do that on demand too. Furthermore, you can also set the air flow for each sides of the bed as you require.

You must be wondering for how it works. Well, the seamless layer of the SmartDuvet breeze is the answer to all your wondering. By utilizing different air chambers and channels, it sends conditioned air to where it is applicable. For, climate control, there are smaller channels and the bed making utilizes the one big air chamber.

Fear not that the SmartDuvet might look disarrayed, for it can easily be stowed under the bed. Its blowers are powerful but silent, so you don’t need to worry about any noise. Furthermore, you can also amount the electricity or gas savings, if you are using SmartDuvet breeze to directly heat or cool your body, instead of the whole house.

SmartDuvet creators claim that this is not just good for your comfort, but that in-bed oxygenation will reduce sweat and prevent bed-bugs leading to a healthy life-style.

Moreover, if you were fearing about your pet damaging it, then you need not worry. The layer placed in the SmartDuvet is made up of a puncture resistant material, that can withstand all those claws or what not. Furthermore, there aren’t any electric components in the bed. All the electronics stuff is in the control box, making it much safer.

The SmartDuvet has garnered positive reviews as according to Huffington Post, “This ‘Smart’ Duvet Means You’ll Never Argue With Your Partner Again” and by the Daily Mail UK, “Could this duvet save your relationship? Smart blanket controls how warm or cool you want your side of the bed using an app” .

For now hurry up since SmartDuvet Breeze is taking pre-orders starting at a mere $199. With its success later on, the SmartDuvet won’t be available for anything less than $359 as planned by the company.

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