Smart people buy used iPhones in 2020, here’s why

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Buying a used iPhone is the way to go in 2020 if you want to get the best value for the money you spend. Here’s why smart people buy used Iphones.

But, first let’s talk about Apple.

While Apple is one of the biggest shareholders in the market, it is also notorious for releasing some of the most expensive phones in the market.

How can Apple charge so much for its new products?

The simple answer is: IT CAN!

Apple, over the years, has developed a lot of brand loyalty and a very immersive ecosystem. People are so well knitted into this ecosystem that they usually overlook the fact that they are being charged a premium.

Moreover, Apple delivers. Even some of the biggest smartphone fails like iPhone 5C managed to do well in its sales. People love the iPhone. They’re crazy about it.


But, should you really have to spend a fortune to get into that Apple ecosystem?

No. Apple might make some of the most expensive phones in the market, but that doesn’t mean you should have to break your bank for that Apple experience.

The Apple experience can be had in half the price, if you spend wisely. And by wisely we mean, invest in a used iPhone.

Let us dig into a few reasons why a used iPhone is the best bang for the buck!

Consistent Software Experience

The best thing about iPhones, in general, is the software experience. That goes for the used iPhones as well. Even if you get an older iPhone, as far back as the iPhone 7 series, the software experience is pretty consistent.

Except for the navigation and FaceID, you’re not missing out on much. And that also comes down to personal preference. If you miss the ease of TouchID, go for iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. If FaceID is more convenient, go for iPhone X or above. You also get the gesture based navigation with iPhone X or above.

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Either way you get the same clean iOS experience we all love. That is why smart people buy used iPhones.


When you buy a phone, you want it to last. Unlike android that gives up to 3 years of software support at max, Apple’s support cycle usually lasts around 5 years.

So, even if you go with an older iPhone, you still get around the same longevity, or even more, as a latest Android phone. After three years, most users change their phones anyway.

Longevity and continuous software support is also why smart people prefer used iPhones.

Design Language

Apple is one of those companies that keep a consistent design language along with innovation. Unlike Android phones that come in all shapes and sizes, it’s not that easy to tell iPhones apart.

The iPhone 11 series features the same design language as iPhone X, with a few tweaks here and there. Likewise, new life has been breathed into older iPhones through the launch of the new iPhone SE. Therefore, no matter what iPhone you get, you won’t feel outdated at all.

Consistency in the design language is why smart people save money and invest in used iPhones.


One thing to love about iPhones is how well they age. You can pick up an iPhone as old as iPhone 7 and it would still perform great in day to day usage. The same cannot be said about the Android competitors released in the same year.

iPhones pack some of the most powerful processors. When you mix Apple’s optimization in the blend, you get a full powerhouse. Because there are fewer phones and Apple has it’s own OS, optimization is not a big deal.

In most cases, iPhones become faster after software updates.

Strong performance throughout is why smart people go for used iPhones.



Every year, Apple rolls out some of the best camera smartphones. The hardware may not seem that compelling on paper, but Apple’s image processing does the real wonder. The pictures come out crisp and well detailed.

Camera features vary from phone to phone. However, for point and shoot every iPhone is the best in the business. Almost every time you take a picture, it is Insta-worthy!

For a more detailed camera comparison, you can check out the video below:

When looking for a great camera experience without breaking the bank, smart people always turn to used iPhones.

Value for money

Last, but not the least, is something we’ve circled around throughout and it’s ‘value for money‘. Used iPhones give more value for money than even the latest and greatest ones. Even if you throw in a few midrange Android devices, a smart person will mostly pick an iPhone.

So, if you are looking for a new phone or just want to check out the Apple ecosystem, you should be smart about it and definitely look into the used iPhone pool as well.

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