Smart Pens: The next Episode of Innovation at its peak!

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Imagine… Can we write without paper and pencil? Sounds impossible, right? Well, Praise the Technology for turning every impossible into possible as it has now gifted us with another source of comfort and relaxing gadget, Smart Pens to enter in the shopping checklist. Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets. – Neil deGrasse Tyson, true saying indeed.

What is a Smart Pen?

Smartpens are the blessings for the paper and pens aficionado who are blessed to write with the digitalized pens. These digital pens enable users to note down lectures normally with ink when off while once on and here you go. You will experience the revolution in writing culture where the notes will be recorded in digitalized notes and simultaneously, the recording will be done at the same time. Not to forget, many of the devices connect at the same time.

Are they really worth it?

Smartpens have made writing easier and more attractive. In particular, it’s appealing to work and note down things without missing a single world. How cool is that? How is this possible even, we are human beings and not free from errors, but Smart Pens have enabled us to overcome our weaknesses and work as speedy as a computer.

Smartpens have different features which mark them distinctive in their own kinds. They have the variety to set into your shopping budget. Everything matching the pace of technology, smart pens are the upgraded version of pens in the digital culture.

Smartpens Users

Though the smartpens range offers the variety of functions for the users one can easily choose from the diversified range as per needs. Smartpens can be suitable for the people of every phase of life. Students may have the privilege of the usage by recording the desired lesson and missing not a single word! Notes can easily be shared via the internet within seconds only. The males and females need no more access to WIFI to save their notes on their devices. The smartphone is a smart choice for all the ages.

Kinds of Smart Pens

Smart Pens fall into three categories. There is a kind of smart pens which have built-in cameras at the tips and are designed to work on special papers. The other category has the feature of micro transceiver attached to the top of the paper and works by recording the movements of pens. While the last category has a special pad to record the pen strokes made on the paper.

The built-in cameras pens were more preferred than the transceivers smartpens due to its higher accuracy. The aluminum pen and paper with NcodeÔ technology are the best combination technology can offer to the users. The grid on the papers may easily record the movements of pen due to its sensors. So the magic of its working is revealed!

Smart Pens Must to buy-2017 hot list:

Mobile Notes Pro Digital Pen:

The Mobile Notes Pro Digital Pen is the best among all the pens due to its installed blue tooth features which makes possible for the users to write without any hesitation that is it readable or not because this smartpen will change the handwritings into texts on the computers and mobile phones.  Besides changing it can even store and share notes.


This smart pen works with ultrasonic and infrared technology through the transceivers installed in it. You can enjoy the experience of writing on any paper but you need to be careful not to touch the tip with the receiver, else no recording will be done.

Livescribe 3:

Livescribe 3 is the symbol of class for users. It has its own paper designed by the company and uses the Bluetooth technology. It can work with restricted brands and versions.

Mark it in your list if you have these devices, iPad 3, iPad mini 2 with Retina, iOS 7, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5th generation or an iPad mini. It has a mini charging USB port at one end and the rest gives it a look of the fine pen. IT is the preferred choice for perfect conversion of handwriting to notes.

Live scribe Pen and Anoto Tablet:

Live scribe, a smart pen yet another designed by Live Scribe which can be ranked excellent due to its built-in camera which always marks your presence at any meeting you attend! The pen that has the ability to copy your notes same, record them and share it too. The features can easily be displayed due to The OELD screen, and special ink. The pen may also be used on Anoto tablet. The technology can make possible the tracking of notes just by tapping the keyword.

Wacom Inkling Digital Sketch Pen:

The Wacom Inkling Digital Sketch Pen, a masterpiece of Wacom is mind-blowingly appealing and designed particularly for sketching. The smartpen uses infrared technology to transcribe the sketches. But the infrared gets weaker if the pen is to be used on larger sheets of paper. It is preferred for better results onsketches; it must be used on standard sized papers.

The 2GB USB makes the storage easier and transferring the images to the devices for saving and bringing on Sketchbook Pro, Illustrator or Photoshop. The no recognition feature and no wireless connection lessen its score among the topmost smartpens.

Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen:

This Smart Pen is another advanced piece by Livescribe, which can be multi purposely use for writing and sketching both. It ranges from $169 to $400, dependent on its storage capacity. This digital Pen can be used for recording of over 200 hours and can capture thousands of pages.

This Smartpen syncs with all the devices and works best with Livescribe edition of Evernote. It uses the SuperSPARC processor and Ram of 2 GB. It can easily play the recordings with the tapping of keywords.

The smartpens have never-ending list. The product has entered the market and innovations keep on going but I assure you, the smartpens listed are the leading smartpens and never regret on buying. No doubt, investing once in these smartpens will be wisest because one will cry on cheaper product hundred times while once on the time of buying due to its high prices. People realizing the worth of quality will never compromise so common make an add-on in your list!

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