Skully Smart Helmet

The Smart Helmet Revolution has Begun!

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Since the invention of the motorcycle, different items have been invented to ensure the rider’s safety while riding it. The front grill was built to cater for frontal accidents, the addition of the two rear wheels was to give it more stability. Furthermore, the driver’s suit has also been modified with the passage of time. Elbow and knee guards have been introduced for body protection and helmets have been developed for protection from any head injuries.

With advancement in research and technology, the gadgets have also become advanced. Smart gadgets are the latest norm. Modification in the design of helmets has also emerged with the passage of time. Changes in external design, keeping in view aerodynamic principles, and material of the helmet to ensure durability are some of the more recent additions.

In a huge leap forward, a new helmet named Skully AR-1 has been introduced in the market which is both smart and interactive. The term AR-1 stands for Augmented Reality and “1” is the first edition of smart helmet introduced by the team at Skully.

This smart helmet has been designed and made carefully keeping in view the strength, smart looks, weight, and comfort. The outer shell is aerodynamically designed from poly carbonate material which is very light weight. The internal material used gives it a soft and silky feel from inside keeping in view rider comfort. The inner liner and cheek-pads are also made out of this material which is called “Outlast Technical Liner”.

This is the same material which has been used by NASA in the development of space suits. The material is heat and bacteria resistant and keeps the inside as comfortable as possible. The material reduces perspiration up to 70% which ensures a comfortable ride in summers and humid climatic conditions. It also has a quick release chin strap for easy removal of the helmet.

Heads-Up Display

It is the first helmet which features a Heads-Up Display (HUD) system in it. The two main features of this HUD are its 180-degree rear facing camera along with a small screen which is designed to be placed in the bottom right corner of the face shield. This not only helps the driver to have a view of the complete surroundings but also assists in blind spots removal. No matter whichever direction the rider is facing, the complete panoramic rear view along with the front panoramic view is available on the face shield.

Skully Smart Helmet
Heads-up display of the Skully AR-1 helmet

The location of HUD of this smart helmet can be adjusted using a knob. This knob is placed right underneath the helmet roughly in the central location. One can very easily change the placement of the field of view to a higher or lower position as per one’s convenience.

The limits of adjustments are so designed that it does not hinder the field of view at any stage. This HUD can be termed as the back mirror of your car. You only look at it when u need to otherwise the front view is the primary focus. Since this feature is new in helmets, one’s eyes take time to adjust to this smart feature while driving. All the electronics used in this helmet are controlled by a high-speed microprocessor.

Skully Smart Helmet
Integrated Back-view Camera

The Photo-chromatic Sun Visor

The smart helmet AR-1 has a smart face shield. It is equipped with a photochromatic visor. This photochromatic visor is smart enough to adjust the level of brightness and darkness as per the environment and surroundings. This astounding feature is the best so far as one does not have to think about changing or switching visors from dark to clear during day or night. The smart visor adjusts itself accordingly.

Furthermore, the rear panoramic 180-degree camera is always focused which provide a clear view at all times. This material of visor also provides protection from glare, fog, and scratches. It keeps the rider safe from all of these issues while riding.

Smartphone Connectivity

Being smart in nature, it is easily connected to a smartphone. The helmet is compatible with Android and iOS. Both function equally well with this device. Although Android phones give more flexibility of operation as compared to iOS being open sourced in nature.

GPS and Voice Control

The AR-1 model of Skully smart helmet is further equipped with a separate GPS. When connected to a smartphone through Bluetooth, it can easily be used to give the location for tracking and navigation purposes. The phone when connected to the navigation app even displays the track details, speed, and other features and also conveys the direction through speakers fitted inside the helmet.

This smart helmet has a microphone installed in it which further helps the driver to easily control the smartphone through voice control without using your hands, therefore focusing on the drive.

Internet Connectivity

Skully AR-1 can also be connected to the internet through a smartphone. Skully has introduced its own application for updates and controls. The updates sent by the team can easily be downloaded from the internet.

Intelligent Sound System

The helmet also has two built-in speakers with a good base effect for listening to music and interaction with your smartphone through voice control during driving. The sound system is designed in a way that it cancels all air noise during fast driving so that clear sound and music can be heard.

It is termed intelligent because it prioritizes the commands even in between playing music. It has an integrated radio and provides the facility of hands-free calling as well. Skully AR-1 helmet is the best for streaming music, voice control doing the magic. The accent of the command is British and option in choosing male and female voice is also available.


Skully is slightly heavier than a normal helmet because of the addition of smart features such as a camera, screen, batteries, and a little computer. Not only this, the material used to house all these accessories also enhances thereby adding to its overall weight. But Skully claims that weight is a negligible drawback as compared to the features it offers.


The helmet is available in four different sizes. Small, large, extra-large and extra-extra-large. The best thing about its perfect fit is the interchangeable paddings. The overall helmet is lightweight built keeping aerodynamic principles in view.


The helmet has been thoroughly tested and assessed as ‘safe to use equipment’ after certified from Department of Transportation (DOT), USA. Apart from the DOT certification, it is also certified from ECE, the Economic Commission for Europe accepted in 47 countries.

This is by far the best helmet in the market. It can be safely termed as the first step towards the future of smart helmets.

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