Image: Kickstarter

Smart Cup is a revolutionary device that is changing how we brew coffee or tea

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All of us follow some kind of morning routine that is essential for us to stay active. Some like to have a morning walk, while others like tea or coffee at the start of the day. It is our morning routine that decides what kind of mood we will be having throughout the day. For most of us, it is safe to assume that our morning ritual is drinking tea or coffee. However, most of us do not have to brew the beverage that we like the way it should have been brewed. In this fast-paced world, we do not have time to live for ourselves.

We do not have enough time to brew coffee or tea which means we can not enjoy the natural tastes of these beverages. That is where the Smart Cup comes into play. It is another invention to the smart home world which is our ultimate goal. Earlier we had a discussion about a smart pen and a smart home purifier. Smart Cup is not as effective as the home purifier, but for people who want to enjoy the real taste of coffee or tea, it gets the job done.

Smart Cup

It is an innovate device that can make coffee, tea, and baby drinks while ensuring time-saving and healthy process. The reason why the Smart Cup is different from other brewers in the market is the added convenience. You have to brew the tea or coffee yourself with any other brewing gadget Smart Cup brews automatically. It is the gadget that can boil and cool liquids, maintain their temperatures and as well as brew coffees or teas in the standalone mode. The real benefit of maintaining temperature is that the beverages it makes do not suffer from the taste or the loss of healthy ingredients.

Brewing is an art that many of us have forgotten and the result is the tasteless beverages that we have to suffer every morning. These drinks should be brewed at a certain temperature regime to get optimal taste and benefit of all components. Same goes for the baby drinks many healthy ingredients present in these formulas require water at a certain temperature to dissolve completely. We want absolute best for our babies, and these baby formulas are essential for their healthy growth.

Image: Kickstarter
Image: Kickstarter

The idea of the Smart Cup came when the CEO of the project Giorgi Chiteishvili became a father. He wanted absolute best for his daughter so he came up with the idea of a gadget that can sustain a certain temperature. Later modifications of the idea and help from people resulted in the gadget that could brew automatically.

Smart Cup implements a unique approach of brewing by means of the in-house barging technology. With its help, the strength of the coffee can be controlled more accurately. It allows lesser time for brewing and more taste since the ingredients release natural taste at an optimum temperature.

How is it different?

We have a lot of coffee brewers at our disposal many of which offer the same claims as the Smart Cup offers. Why would one prefer Smart Cup over any other brewer is what we’ll be answering now,

Ease of use

Using Smart Cup means doing a lot less and getting a lot more out of it. It’s so easy to use you can make the best coffee of your life even if you have not made coffee ever. You just need to pour in some water in the device and fill the capsule with coffee beans. Choose the option of what drink you are preparing in the companion app and fill your mouth from the taste of perfection.

Temperature preserver

The most important problem with most brewers is temperature management. You have to keep mixing or boiling the fluid so that it remains at an optimum temperature. You do not have to deal with such a fuss when you are using the Smart Cup. With the state of the ART heat management and cooling system, your beverage will stay at a set temperature until you remove the cup from the induction heater.

Image: Kickstarter
Image: Kickstarter

Baby’s healthy diet

Our love for our young ones cannot be measured. Babies require extra care when it comes to diet. The baby formulas often have ingredients that can only dissolve in water at a certain temperature. If you do not make them right, the baby may be left out on some important minerals. With Smart Cup, you do not have to worry about this. It will boil the water so that the germs are killed and then cool it to the said temperature in the shortest period. It boosts all the powerful ingredients in the baby’s formula and maintains the nutritional quality of all probiotics for the healthy growth of the baby.

Image: Kickstarter
Image: Kickstarter

How does it work?

One of the main traits of the Smart Cup is the ease of use. Now we will discuss how it works and its super easy.


The base of the device has no buttons because it does not need them. A Bluetooth module is built inside the base so that it can be easily controlled via a companion app. The app has a lot of profiles that the users can use while making their beverage. The best thing here is you only need to set the temperature in which you want your drink the rest is handled automatically by the app and the device.

The process

Just put ground coffee, tea leaves, a tea bag or the baby’s formula in the capsule and place it in the cup. Attach the cooling device on the capsule and place it in the cup. Next up pour some distilled water and choose the template of the drink you are making from the app. Smart Cup will automatically start boiling water, activate brewing and maintain the temperature of the beverage.


Smart Cup uses induction heating. It comes with the induction stove and has a dedicated spot on the stove. The stove requires a 220V connection to the wall socket. Due to induction heating, Smart Cup is burn free and safe to use.


The brewing process is autonomous. You are not required at the scene you can prepare yourself for the day, and the Smart Cup will take care of the brewing department. It uses the in-house “sparging” technology that not only allows efficient brewing but also keeps the flavors of the natural ingredients.

Image: Kickstarter
Image: Kickstarter

The drink preparing processes are realized by means of an advanced compressor on the cooling unit. The cooling units help in the sparging so that the drink you have tastes the best.


The team behind Smart Cup has paid special attention to the convenience of the consumer. The materials that are used in the building of the product reflect that. Thanks to the high-quality harm free food plastic used in the cup Smart Cup reveals the full taste of the drink everytime. The handle of the Cup has an LED indicator that shows whether your drink is hot warm or cool according to the way you like.

Smart Cup is still an innovation; it is yet to turn into the device. The creators behind the device are working with the Kickstarter community so that the product can be sold to the general public. If you like the product and want it before anyone else gets it, follow the link here and pledge your amount.









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