“Slaughterbots” Film warns about the Future of AI

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The use of Robots in wars is no Sci-fi now. From smart guns to UAVs (Unarmed Aerial vehicle), militaries in the world are advancing every passing second. Nukes is going old and it is going to go obsolete soon when these robots take over the conventional way of fighting a war. The next juncture in the use of Robots in war is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) which opens a Pandora box of limitless capabilities and opportunities for mass destruction.

Science fiction story tellers, using their imagination to the superlative degree, are predicting a path to the horrifying future to which engineers and scientists are putting their best for its implementation. US Military is successfully using flying drones commonly known as UAVs in Iraq and Afghanistan for surveillance and fighting the menace of terrorism.

But the lethality of this idea has no end. Despite of imminent threats, these robots have moved from science fictions to a reality, with increase in lethality of kill, every passing day.

Top researchers and AI experts including CEO of Space X Elon Musk and Google Co-founder Mustafa Suleyman have signed a letter to UN describing the risks of robotic weaponry and calling for its ban internationally.

Sequel to this campaign, a seven minutes video released by Future of Life Institute and University of California-Berkeley professor Stuart Russell reveals the horrifying future of autonomous palm sized killer drones. This eye-opening video, with its admirable cinematography has shown the world, the reality of danger of these weapons. The sense of helplessness of our race in front of these small palm sized killer bots can be deeply sensed in this video.


This video demonstration reveals the working mechanism of this small bot which is autonomous in thinking, flying, reacting and targeting. An object with extra-ordinary flying skills better than any pilot, able to react to situations 100 times faster than humans. Its stochastic motion allows it to dodge a sniper attack, adding to its defensive capabilities. This little bot is equipped with a camera, obviously with a face detection capability to detect and identify targets with unbelievable precision and is named “SLAUGHTERBOT”.

The bot uses 3 grams of shaped explosive, enough to penetrate through human skull and ensure kill. The scary part is that these bots are not designed to be operating lone. The idea is to operate them as a team, may be hundreds of bots, as a swarm, making the attack invincible.

Video gives a precise simulation of attack by these bots, for viewers to get the real feel of danger of AI technology.  It depicts attack in various universities, killing thousands of students and a similar scene of killing of several US senators.

The slaughterbots are shown displaying teamwork, where few drones first attach to buildings and make holes for other bots to enter it. Theycan easily penetrate buildings, trains and busses, dodge any counter-measure, thus becoming unstoppable little drones.

Russell, an artificial intelligence professor, working with AI for 35 years appears at the end of video with an appeal to ban these autonomous weapons that might be catastrophic for our human race very soon.

“We have an opportunity to prevent the future you just saw, but the window to act is closing fast. Allowing machines to choose to kill humans will be devastating to our security and freedom”, he concluded.

The future of these future-bots will be horrifying beyond ones imagination. Sci-fi researchers are thinking on combining Nuke technology with AI. Some are hinting on adding thermal recognition to these drones. The advancements in technology is never ending. The need is to control it, before the circumstances appear which are beyond the control of our race!

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