Skyrim and Doom on the Switch; Should you buy?

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The Switch, Nintendo’s Gaming Platform has gained much attention worldwide. The reason being the console receiving a number of great ports of games released earlier and catching worldwide fame. The main publisher behind these ports is Bethesda. Therefore, amongst the ports, the recent ones include the Skyrim and 2016’s Doom. The question arises whether if these ports are worth buying the second or third time?

The question is targeted towards those who already own the game or another platform. Perhaps out of the two ports, Doom is the one which is more in demand for sure. But there are apparently some catches involved too. In the developer interview, it was expressed that the game would be running at 30 frames per second on a 720p display.

This is true to some extent but not always. The frame rate drops down dramatically in more intense fights or otherwise drops down substantially into the teens.

The so-called resolution at 720p isn’t justified at all. The textures and effects don’t co-relate to this at all since they are reduced to such an extent, that it doesn’t really give the feel of a High Definition Display. This isn’t only the case with on a bigger screen but also on the switch’s own display as well when played under a portable mode. The display isn’t just up to the mark offering anything but crisp video quality.

This isn’t the only noticeable thing here. The controls also kind of suck. The cramped Joy-Cons are the major reason behind this. Using the grip, the experience is bearable. On the contrary, on the handheld mode, it becomes a nuisance to play after about 40 minutes. Furthermore, the aim is usually off the target.

The fact that Gyro controls aren’t included is the real setback since that would have mitigated this problem to an extent. Let’s just hope these are added in an update later on. If you think FPS games aren’t meant for controllers, then take a break from buying the game for some time, until a patch gets released.

This is a real set back for those who wanted to test out Doom again on another platform for a different experience. This is because the Doom was easily one of the best shooters in recent times. On top of this, the game doesn’t feature a SnapMap mode as well.

Is it still worth buying?

Yes of course, just wait for the gyro controls update.

As far as the Skyrim is concerned, the experience on the Switch is similar to other gaming consoles. The controls are also familiar, though you might want to remap your controls for such.

This is a special edition of the game with the expansions. But still, it’s rather “vanilla” Skyrim. If you think these additions amounted to something more than to break it to you, these additions aren’t anything more than some Zelda equipment unlocked with amiibo.

There aren’t any mods available on this version, though on the contrary there are mods available for the game on other platforms like the PS4 and Xbox One, which makes it possible to play the game indefinitely.

Should I not buy it then?

Well, if you are someone who cares about MODS then don’t. Otherwise, you are good to go for one.

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