Sex Drug Listed as Possible Cause for George Michael’s Death

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Reports that emerged on Saturday night have stated that George Michael’s ex-lover Paul Stag, 48, claims that a sex drug may serve as a possible cause for the singer’s death.

According to Stag, the pop star had been rather dependent on a sex drug that he referred to as ‘champagne’ when giving a codename for the drug “Liquid G” to be sent to him.

Reports have stated that George had often affiliated his sex life with the drug and found it rather difficult to separate the two matters from each other.

George apparently continued to use “Liquid G” all the way up until his last moments.

A Possible Factor

On Christmas Day the singer had died, at 53 years old, and was found lifeless while at the bed at his home.

The authorities are currently waiting for the results of the toxicology report regarding this matter.

Stag had met George back in 2004 through a magazine for gays, and they had been in an on and off relationship all the way till 2013.

Stag claims that by that time, George had become far more obsessed and dependent on him for more drugs by that point.

A Big Part in His Life

Andros Georgiou, a former music producer, states that George had reintroduced hardcore narcotics in his life once again, and that it was likely George had mixed alcohol with several other narcotics including antidepressants.

Georgiou added that he does not actually believe George had committed suicide, although he was aware that the star had several suicidal thoughts. “His mental health was all over the place,” Georgiou said.

Georgiou says he wishes to get to the bottom of this whole matter and find out once and for all what drugs were in his system, and who gave it to the pop star.

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