Seven years after the launch of PS4, Sony finally announces plans to unveil the new PS5

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Sony confirms release date of long-awaited PlayStation 5 on their official social media accounts by a video showcasing the new DualSense controller in Black.

For the past few months, we have seen a lot of updates about the new Xbox series X, but we have seen little to nothing about the design and performance of the new PlayStation. The gaming community was al hyped-up waiting for the next generation of PlayStation 5 When Sony revealed the new DualSense controller in an online post. The company posted an image of the white controller showing the updated design and the new features. Sony worked on the design to improve the already well-built DualShock 4 controller. With this next generation, the company announced a change to the vibration pattern by incorporating a haptic engine in the controller. The controller is also reported to have a dynamic sensitivity of buttons that will change with in-game scenarios.


In the past seven years since the release of PS4, there has been a massive increase in the performance of CPUs and GPUs in the PC gaming industry. This increase is also expected to make its way to the latest revision on PlayStation by Sony. Features like Dynamic Ray Tracing, support for higher resolution gameplay over higher frames, and better HDR compatibility will transform the gaming experience.

Amidst the world crisis and the pandemic, people were unsure about the launch being this year. Still, then Jim Ryan, CEO Play Station confirmed in his interview that “We remain absolutely on track, we’re going to launch this holiday, we will have a global launch. And where we’re greatly looking forward to it. And we very much want the gaming world to look forward to it, too.”. The company further had announced that the design unveiling of the new play station would take place somewhere in Early June. The company has now confirmed that the event will take place on Thursday, June 4, at 1:00 pm Pacific time. This launch is one of the two most significant events of the holiday season this year Play station 5 and the X Box Series X. The choices of launch time may seem odd, considering everyone is at their homes due to lockdowns imposed by the governments of different countries.


The event is expected to be about an hour long and will feature the design reveal of the new Paly Station 5 as well as a few new game titles. We already have confirmation of a sequel for the massive PS exclusive game The Last of Us. The game has already bagged Sony more preorders than last year’s Spiderman. They might also showcase some of the gameplay and performance features of the new generation.

The company has not yet confirmed the price for the Play Station, although Jim Ryan said that “We’ll try to get the price right and value proposition right.” Preorders of the device have not yet been opened, and the company remains relatively optimistic that they will not repeat their supply shortage mistake like last time. Sony is pretty confident about the launch as Ryan said that the company has specific plans for its big launch, and they would not be having it in the first place if there were any problems with the production and quantities of the product.

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