Senegalese Army Moves into Gambia to Force Leader’s Resignation

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Senegal has announced that they have sent their army into the bordering country of Gambia as of last Thursday in order to force a resignation on the longtime leader Yehya Jammeh.

Jammeh recently lost the election as a democratic vote was held in his country, and has remained in power since his defeat.

As a result the region of West Africa have decided to protect this democratic process and take down Jammeh if he refuses to step down.

Adam Barrow who is exiled from Gambia had won the election as he was based in Senegal, and after his victory the Senegalese army decided they would move in to assure his rightful leadership.

Defending Democracy

A colonel from the Senegalese army Abdou Ndiaye sent a message to the news agency of Reuters saying that they have officially entered into the neighboring country of Gambia.

Several videos have surfaced of Senegalese tanks and other vehicles approaching the border.

However reports have stated that the full scale operation was put on hold temporarily until Friday so as to give a chance to the heads of West African nations in putting a forth a final attempt for discussing the matter with Jammeh again.

Senegalese Army Praised

As news spread all over the citizens of Gambia of Senegalese troops approaching their country, the citizens showed their praise to them and demanded the immediate resignation of Jammeh.

One such citizen, Modou Secka, stated that they all welcome the Senegalese army in their country since they will be able to reclaim the stolen democracy that was taken away from them by Jammeh.

As Gambians have been protesting for a while now and chanting all over the streets, one famous shirt they have been wearing reads “Gambians have decided.”

The Gambian troops in the street have not intervened with any of the protests, as even their army chief Ousman Badjie was shown on a video to be celebrating with the rest.

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